Monthly Archives: August 1997

Wai’anae community urges CINCPAC to cancel Marines training in Makua

Military sizes up Makua landing About 70 people, many of whom oppose the exercise, meet with Admiral Prueher, who will decide whether to cancel By Kulani Mahikoa Star-Bulletin A decision on whether to cancel the military’s plans for a Sept. 4 amphibious landing exercise at Makua Beach will be made in a few days, according… Read more »

Neighborhood board opposes Marines landing at Makua

Board opposes Marines landing at Makua Residents speak out against a military exercise at that beach By Harold Morse Star-Bulletin After hearing emotional discussion, the Waianae Neighborhood Board voted 13-0 last night to oppose an amphibious landing of Marines at Makua Beach. The landing, involving about 590 California Marines, would take place as part of… Read more »