Monthly Archives: February 2006

PKO saved Kaho’olawe, but has the group lost its way?

Rebuilding Kaho’olawe PKO saved the island, but has the group lost its way? Joan Conrow Feb 8, 2006 While activists succeeded in wresting Kaho’olawe away from the Navy and halting its use as a military bombing target, some are concerned that Protect Kaho’olawe ‘Ohana (PKO), the grassroots group that launched the struggle, has drifted away… Read more »

Did the fight to stop the UARC fail?

Game Over Did the fight to stop UARC fail? Chris Haire Feb 1, 2006 Some six hours into the public testimony before the University of Hawai’i’s Board of Regents, the moment arrives. Hope dies. It’s a moment that has been long in coming. Now it appears there is nothing anyone can do to stop the… Read more »