Monthly Archives: February 2007

Soldier and wife beaten in parking altercation a hate crime?

A fight erupted in a shopping mall parking lot between a Native Hawaiian boy and the military couple, Andrew and Dawn Dussell, that hit his car.  As the verbal exchange escalated, the boy called the soldier a ‘F____ haole”.  Coming out of a store, the boy’s father Gerald Pa’akaula punched out both the soldier and… Read more »

America’s broken trust in Micronesia

Source: Micronesia has a complicated past The islands have been conquered by a string of powers, the latest being the U.S. By Gary T. Kubota MAJURO, Marshall Islands » Micronesia, once known as the Caroline Islands, occupies an expanse of about 3 million square miles of ocean with more than 2,000 islands, atolls… Read more »

Hawai’i to participate in the International Conference for the Abolution of Foreign Military Bases in Quito and Manta, Ecuador

The construction of foreign military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq; the cases of torture at the bases in Guantanamo and Diego Garcia; the construction of new bases in Okinawa; the “realignment” of military alliances in Asia; and the dramatic increase of joint military exercises as part of the so-called “global war against terror” have highlighted… Read more »