Soldier and wife beaten in parking altercation a hate crime?

February 27, 2007  

A fight erupted in a shopping mall parking lot between a Native Hawaiian boy and the military couple, Andrew and Dawn Dussell, that hit his car.  As the verbal exchange escalated, the boy called the soldier... 

America’s broken trust in Micronesia

February 20, 2007  

Source: Micronesia has a complicated past The islands have been conquered by a string of powers, the latest being the U.S. By... 

Hawai’i to participate in the International Conference for the Abolution of Foreign Military Bases in Quito and Manta, Ecuador

February 1, 2007  

The construction of foreign military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq; the cases of torture at the bases in Guantanamo and Diego Garcia; the construction of new bases in Okinawa; the “realignment”...