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Sound Effects

Sound Effects Activists say sonar kills whales. The Navy isn’t listening Bree Ullman Apr 25, 2007 The U.S. Navy’s antisubmarine warfare strategists probably wish they could emulate the way whales and dolphins navigate the ocean depths. How they can penetrate, with high-pitched clicks, what the light spectrum cannot. How they can detect without touching, see… Read more »

Nuclear War and Its Consequences April 21 / 22, 2007 Reparations (and a Little Justice) for the the People of Rongelap Nuclear War and Its Consequences By BARBARA ROSE JOHNSTON In 1946 the United States detonated two atomic weapons in the Marshall Islands. In 1947, the United Nations designated the Marshall Islands a United States Trust Territory, and over… Read more »

Washed Ashore

Washed ashore Keith Bettinger Apr 11, 2007 It’s a refrain that has become frighteningly familiar: Relics of a long forgotten military operation turn up where they aren’t supposed to be, causing alarm in the community. An often frustrating and fruitless quest for answers follows, further straining the relationship between the civilian population of Hawai’i and… Read more »

Ex-Soldier charged for woman’s murder, was guilty of similar 1980 murder

April 3, 2007 Man charged in woman’s death committed similar 1980 murder According to court documents, Darnell Griffin constantly harassed his victim By Rosemarie Bernardo In 1980, Darnell Griffin harassed Lynn Marie Gherardi after she said she did not want to go out with him again, according to witnesses. On Oct. 10, 1980, Griffin… Read more »