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Hawai’i Needs You

The Nation. Hawaii Needs You This article appeared in the April 28, 2008 edition of The Nation. April 8, 2008 An open letter to the US left from the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. The confluence of two forces–a massive military expansion in Hawai’i and Congressional legislation that will stymie the Kanaka Maoli [Native Hawaiian] sovereignty movement–will… Read more »

Famous Are the Flowers: Hawaiian Resistance Then – and Now

The Nation Magazine featured Hawai’i in it’s April 2008 issue. Here are is the introductory letter from the Editors and the lead article. The Nation and Hawaii This article appeared in the April 28, 2008 edition of The Nation. April 10, 2008 In this special issue of The Nation we present editorial board member Elinor… Read more »

Air Force won’t fly low over Big Isle Posted on: Saturday, April 26, 2008 Air Force won’t fly low over Big Isle Advertiser Staff The Air Force has dropped a plan to establish a low-altitude flight path over the Big Island as a training route for C-17 cargo transport planes, U.S. Rep. Mazie K. Hirono said yesterday. The decision came after Big… Read more »

Schofield soldier acquitted of killing an Iraqi

Soldier acquitted in killing of Iraqi A jury rejects charges by the prosecution that the soldier’s story had several holes in it Schofield Barracks soldier Trey Corrales credits his acquittal of premeditated murder to his commander’s testimony about Corrales’ role in a coordinated operation to root out insurgents in Iraq. In a Wheeler Army Air… Read more »

Budget crunch hits C-17 training…./LOCALNEWSFRONT Budget crunch hits C-17 training Air Force needs new Kona practice strip but lacks money to build it The Air Force is falling short of the C-17 cargo plane training it needs in Hawai’i for combat landings and takeoff practice and low-altitude terrain flying, an official said. Already, an approximately 4,200-foot “assault landing zone”… Read more »

The Military-Leisure Golf Complex

The Military-Leisure Golf Complex By Nick Turse, Metropolitan Books. Posted April 12, 2008. Pentagon elites and high government officials are tee-ing off at taxpayer expense at hundreds of courses all over the planet. The following is an excerpt from Nick Turse’s new book “The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives” (Metropolitan, 2008). Back… Read more »

Another KBR Rape Case

Published on Thursday, April 3, 2008 by The Nation Another KBR Rape Case by Karen Houppert Editor’s Note: Lisa Smith is a pseudonym used on request. Additional reporting by Te-Ping Chen. Research support provided by the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute. Houston, Texas It was an early January morning in 2008 when 42-year-old Lisa… Read more »

Korean Bases of Concern

Korean Bases of Concern Jae-Jung Suh | April 2, 2008 Editor: John Feffer Last month the New York Philharmonic grabbed the world’s attention by performing Dvorak’s New World Symphony in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. The Philharmonic may well have chosen Dvorak’s piece as an overture for a new world of peace. With… Read more »