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On Maui: Hiroshima Commemoration

MAUI TIME WEEKLY, JULY 29, 2010 Remembering Hiroshima As An Act of Liberation The militarization of Hawaii and its effect on our economy and collective psyche is often overlooked. Activist Kyle Kajihiro wants to change that July 29, 2010 | 09:33 AM Outpost of Empire The militarization of Hawaii and its effect on our… Read more »

Statehood Hawai’i reviews The Value of Hawai’i

Arnie Saiki of the Statehood Hawai’i blog has written a review of the new book The Value of Hawai’i.  The book is a collection of articles by scholars on various aspects of life in Hawai’i, including the military.  Saiki writes: Tom Coffman opens this dialogue by addressing the value of statehood.  In this chapter, the… Read more »

Hawaii Superferry failed to pay the state monthly fees

The Associated Press reported that the troubled Hawaii Superferry, a military prototype fast transport ship, had failed to pay the state its monthly fees nine months before the Hawaii Supreme Court ruling that overturned a state law retroactively exempting the Hawaii Superferry from state environmental review laws.  AP reporter Mark Niesse reported: The Hawaii Superferry… Read more »

Top Secret America in Hawai’i

The Hawaii Independent published an article exploring the Hawai’i connections to the Washington Post series on the growth of secret government programs since 9/11.    An earlier post on this website also discussed the size of the secret government connected to the US Pacific Command. The Hawaii Independent article reported that of the 127 top secret… Read more »

Researchers report that chemical weapons dumped at sea are corroding but have not yet released toxic contents

University of Hawai’i researchers have concluded a three year research project to determine whether chemical munitions dumped at sea off O’ahu pose a threat to the health of humans or the environment. Documents disclosed by the Army in 2007 reported that approximately 16,000 munitions containing 2,558 tons of chemical agents were dumped at three deep-water… Read more »

Russia’s Cheonan investigation suspects that the sinking Cheonan ship was caused by a mine in water

A Russian investigation into the sinking of the Cheonan concludes that the accident was caused by “non-contact external underwater explosion” most likely from a mine.  There are some good photos on the Hankyoreh website.  Thanks to Sung-hee Choi for sharing summaries and links to the four-part series. >><< Hankyoreh special (Four articles) on the Russian… Read more »


RIMPAC exercises have been assaulting Hawai’i for the past two months.   The armed forces of fourteen other nations descended on Hawai’i to partake in what has been touted as the largest multinational military exercises in the world. What has RIMPAC brought Hawai’i? The world’s largest floating cocktail party?  According to a former Marine Corps public… Read more »

“Top Secret America” meets “Snoozepac”

The Washington Post is publishing a very important investigative series called “Top Secret America”, exploring the explosion of secret government programs in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks: The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one… Read more »

Wai’anae Environmental Jusice Bus Tour

10.7.24 EJ bus tour flyer july 24 The Concerned Elders of Wai‘anae hope you will join us on July 24th for the fourth Huaka‘i Aloha ‘Aina o Wai‘anae, an environmental justice bus tour. This is a unique opportunity to visit the moku of Wai‘anae and experience the rich history of this vibrant community and fertile… Read more »

TONIGHT: OHA to hold informational meeting on cultural study of Kūkaniloko

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19, 2010 COMMUNITY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN UPCOMING OHA MEETING ON KŪKANILOKO OHA to hold informational meeting on cultural study of Kūkaniloko WAHIAWĀ – The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is conducting a study of Kūkaniloko, and is encouraging and welcoming the surrounding communities of Wahiawā and central O‘ahu to attend… Read more »