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Libya Conflict Highlights NATO’s Imperialist Mission

SOURCE: Libya Conflict Highlights NATO’s Imperialist Mission Saturday 26 March 2011   by: Joseph Gerson, t r u t h o u t | News Analysis Having launched its Libyan regime change war to oust the Qaddafi dictatorship from the United States’ German-based Africa Command, the Obama administration this week arranged to continue its… Read more »

1 Marine dies, 3 injured in Kaneohe Bay crash, Explosion on Carrier Injures 10, and UXO Found at Fort Shafter

According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, one marine died in yesterday’s helicopter crash in Kane’ohe Bay.   The helicopter fuel pods were also damaged and are leaking jet fuel: Three crewmen were treated at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and then taken to the Queen’s Medical Center last night. Search and rescue crews recovered the body of… Read more »

Military helicopter crashes in Kane’ohe Bay

With plans to expand the aircraft stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kane’ohe Bay, the chances of accidents increase.  What if this crash had occurred in Kane’ohe town, Hawai’i Kai or Honolulu?  It would be like the crash in Ginowan city in Okinawa. Hawaii News Now reports: A CH-53D Sea Stallion helicopter carrying four crew members… Read more »

Former Marine admits to beating man and raping his daughter

From the Honolulu Star Advertiser: Former Marine admits to beating man and raping his daughter By Nelson Daranciang POSTED: 07:07 p.m. HST, Mar 28, 2011 A 29-year-old former Marine accused of beating up a Washington man he met on the pool deck of a Waikiki condominium-hotel then raping the man’s 10-year-old daughter has agreed… Read more »

U.S. spending on military operations in Libya drains Pentagon

The Washington Post reported: “The U.S. military operations in Libya will cost hundreds of millions of dollars and force Congress to seek help next week for the cash-strapped Pentagon, which is operating on a short-term funding resolution.” Here are some figures to consider: The 162 Tomahawk missiles launched at Libyan targets in the first four… Read more »

“When nuclear reactors blow, the first thing that melts down is the truth”; What They’re Covering Up at Fukushima

Yesterday the EPA reported its first detection in Hawai’i of radiation from the Japanese nuclear meltdown: “The isotope was “far below any level of concern for human health,” the EPA said.” As the New York Times reported that Japanese authorities have issued a warning not to drink tap water in Tokyo due to contamination by… Read more »

Ag park and GMO crops planned on land owned by the Army and private developer

The Hawaii Agricultural Foundation is seeking farmer tenants to lease farm lots in Kunia.  The land was formerly owned by Campbell Estate, but the Army and a private developer formed a partnership to buy the land and develop a portion of it for military housing.   Since the Army’s housing needs changed, much of the land… Read more »

“Unfamiliar Fishes”

Scott Crawford sent the following email that I wanted to pass along. Sarah Vowell just published a novel entitled “Unfamiliar Fishes”, which is set in Hawai’i. In her dry witty way she exposes America’s “orgy of imperialism” in 1898: You gotta watch this…—sarah-vowell-extended-interview-pt–1 We’ve seen Sarah Vowell on The Daily Show before, and enjoy… Read more »

The ‘Kill Team’ images

SPIEGEL magazine has published photos of U.S. troops posing with the corpse of an innocent Afghan civilian allegedly killed for sport by this so-called Stryker brigade “Kill Team”.  The release of the photos has the U.S. and NATO concerned about a backlash.  The U.S. Army issued an apology for the suffering the photos may cause…. Read more »

Libya, the West and the Narrative of Democracy

Interesting analysis from Stratfor of the U.S.-led war in Libya and the Westʻs conflicting imperatives: welcoming popular democratic uprisings while preventing repressive governments from crushing them: Nevertheless, a narrative on what has happened in the Arab world has emerged and has become the framework for thinking about the region. The narrative says that the region… Read more »