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“Tell the Children the Truth”: Taking a Hard Look at International Law Routes to Hawaiian Sovereignty

Featuring author-activist-attorney Julian Aguon Ka Huli Ao Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law Maoli Thursday Thursday, November 3, 2011 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM – Moot Courtroom William S. Richardson School of Law Julian Aguon is an indigenous Chamoru writer-activist, attorney who specializes in international law and is the author of numerous books and… Read more »

Action Alert: Keep Waianae Country! Stop industrial encroachment on agricultural land!

Developers want to change agricultural land to industrial in the heart of Lualualei valley in Wai’anae, some of the richest and most productive farm lands in Hawai’i. The Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan is coming before the City Council on Nov. 2nd (1pm, Kapolei Hale). 1. Please send letters to the council members through this link… Read more »


URGENT ACTION TO SAVE KULANI LAND AND REVERSE THE TRANSFER TO THE NATIONAL GUARD Kat Brady of the Community Alliance on Prisons issued a call to contact Gov. Abercrombie ASAP and urge him to revoke the executive order that transferred Kulani prison land to the State Department of Defense for a military Youth ChalleNGe acadey…. Read more »

America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases

Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam may become an operator base for drone aircraft.  Hawaii News Now reports: Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam could start controlling one of the military’s newest and most lethal weapons.The Air Force announced that the base is a candidate to operate Predator and Reaper Aircraft. […] The aircraft would not be… Read more »

Of Bases and Budgets

Christine Ahn and Hyun Lee have written an excellent article in Foreign Policy in Focus tying together the social and environmental impacts of U.S. bases on the host countries with the social cost to the U.S. public and the critical developments in the Asia Pacific region.  In the article they mention the  “Peace in Asia… Read more »

US Seeks to Establish Naval Base on Jeju Island in Spite of Protests

Here’s an interesting article about the political and economic interests behind the push to build a naval base in Jeju island: On beautiful Jeju Island, south of the Korean peninsula, the South Korean Navy is building a base that will soon harbor some of the world’s most advanced weapons. But the mystery is: who inspired the… Read more »

Abercrombie’s communications director distributes anti-Obama chain email

Ian Lind reports that Governor Abercrombie’s new communications director sent an anti-Obama chain email to a list of contacts, including prominent media personalities and political movers and shakers: Governor Neil Abercrombie’s newly appointed communications director said he didn’t read a chain email falsely attacking President Obama for planning to honor a controversial Vietnam War-era critic… Read more »

Whose Pacific?

Secretary of State Clinton lays out the US policy in the Pacific.   As the subtitle states, “The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.”   This will mean more militarization in our region despite the social… Read more »

APEC and Economic Justice

Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch October 25, 2011 4:00 PM University of Hawai’i Art Auditorium 2535 McCarthy Hall Sponsors: School of Social Work Department of American Studies School of Pacific and Asian Studies Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs  

“APEC is just going to be a mess” – Sweeping security frustrates residents

Today, there was a protest at the first APEC event in Honolulu, a symposium on climate change: “People’s need not corporate greed,” chanted protestors. About 30 people from various groups marched and chanted outside an APEC meeting at Jefferson Hall at the East West Center.  Then they went around back to the windows where they… Read more »