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Okinawan defense chief compared military relocation to rape

The head of the Okinawan Defense Bureau compared the relocation of the Futenma military base to Henoko to an act of rape and may lose his job because of it.   It was probably a poor political choice of words given the politically charged atmosphere in Okinawa regarding U.S. military bases and the many crimes committed… Read more »

“The Pacific Blue Continent: Militarized Experiences in Hawai’i, the Marshall Islands and Guahan”

November 30, 2011 5:30 pm University of Guam CLASS Public Lecture Hall Featured Speakers: Kyle Kajihiro, Hawai’i Peace and Justice Abacca Anjain-Maddison, Former Senator, Rongelap Island, Ken Kuper, FITE Club Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero, Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice Sponsored by the Division of Social Work and Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice

Nye on U.S. ‘pivot’ to Asia Pacific

Joseph Nye, President Clinton’s first Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs wrote an opinion article for the New York Times that applauds President Obama for his ‘pivot’ towards the Asia Pacific region and decision to increase U.S. military training in Australia.  This appears to be a concession that the move of Futenma air… Read more »

Costly aircraft suggests cuts won’t be easy

The New York Times published an interesting article that delves a little into the politics of the military-industrial-congressional complex and how difficult it will be to cut military programs in order to reduce the federal budget.  They focus on one example, the troubled Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, which is being proposed to be stationed at the… Read more »

Navy wants the two Hawaii Superferries

When the community rallied to oppose the fast-track of the Hawaii Superferry back in 2007, we began to raise concerns about the military interests driving the venture.  Corporate and public officials dismissed the concerns as paranoid rantings.   But diligent research by Lance Holter and others surfaced many connections between the Hawaii Superferry prototype and… Read more »

Call for solidarity to save Takae forest in Okinawa!

The Okinawa Outreach blog posted news and an action alert about an escalating situation in Takae in Northern Okinawa.  The U.S. military uses the area as a jungle warfare training area and is attempting to expand the base, including construction of a new helipad.  The local residents have been blocking construction and holding vigil.  The… Read more »

APEC “Hawaii’s biggest media event since Pearl Harbor”?

Calling APEC  “a game changer for Hawaii,” (11/19/2011) Honolulu City Council member Stanley Chang gushed that “This was Hawaii’s biggest media event since Pearl Harbor.”   And to him, “good press” included headlines like “Leaders’ close call with grass skirts and coconut bras.”  Or APEC agent Christopher Deedy fatally shooting local Kollin Elderts in a 3… Read more »

Occupy APEC with Aloha

Christine Ahn wrote an brilliant article in FPIF on the Moana Nui conference and peoples’ resistance to the APEC neoliberal – militarization agenda.   I quote liberally from the article below.  You should read the full article here. “The time has come for us to voice our rage,” the Hawaiian artist Makana sang as he gently… Read more »

Army tests hypersonic weapon from Kaua’i

When the Navy did its environmental impact statement (EIS) for the expansion of its Hawaiian Range Complex, “air-breathing hypersonic vehicles” were listed as one of the items to be tested there. However, there were no details about the nature of the tests in the report.  The Navy officials at the time said that the technology… Read more »

America’s Pacific Century?

Mahalo to Noelani Arista for pointing out this article by Tina Gerhardt, “America’s Pacific Century?”, which explains many of the trade issues surrounding the APEC, Trans-Pacific Partnership and related trade agreements in the Asia Pacific region.  It gives a good explanation of the impacts of the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement: A Harbinger of Things to… Read more »