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Crisis and the Creeping Militarization of US Society

  This past weekend, Kanaka Maoli activist and cultural practitioner Andre Perez reported that during the closing ceremony of Makahiki at Ka’ena Point, their group observed an unmanned aerial drone flying over head, spying on their activities. Ka’ena is at the western tip of O’ahu near the Air Force Satellite Tracking Station and the Army’s… Read more »

U.S. military reductions in Okinawa adds up to more militarization of Hawai’i

Despite much bellyaching from the Pentagon about having to go on a diet, President Obama himself stated, “Over the next 10 years, the growth in the defense budget will slow, but the fact of the matter is this: It will still grow, because we have global responsibilities that demand our leadership.” The new defense strategy reflects… Read more »

U.S. court dismisses Puerto Ricans’ suit over arms testing

In a very bad ruling for Vieques residents seeking just compensation for environmental health damages due to the Navy bombing of Vieques for over fifty years, Reuters reported “U.S. court dismisses Puerto Ricans’ suit over arms testing” (February 14, 2012): Puerto Rican residents lost a bid on Tuesday to force the U.S. government to recognize… Read more »

Starve the Beast

In light of the United States’ current fiscal crisis and the cost of maintaining the vast network of military bases and expensive weapons programs, Mike Prokosh, national coordinator of the New Priorities Network, quoting Ronald Reagan, recommended  “‘Starve the Beast’” (February 8, 2012): U.S. cities and towns have fired half-a-million workers since 2008, and another… Read more »

U.S. military’s Pacific ‘pivot’ and Okinawa drawdown unsettles the region

After several weeks of speculation and anonymous ‘leaks’ about possible changes to the U.S.-Japan plan to relocate the Futenma Marine base to Henoko, Okinawa, government officials announced that the U.S. would begin moving some troops out of Okinawa, independent of the base relocation to Henoko. But the news is having an unsettling effect across the… Read more »

Nuclear Power Plant Proposed for Guam

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster last  year, it seems inconceivable that nuclear power is still being touted as a ‘safe’ and ‘greener’ alternative to fossil fuels.   But according to the an article in the Mariana Variety shared by Koohan Paik, “‘Clean’ nuclear power eyed”, a nuclear power plant is being considered for Guam: THE… Read more »

EPA: toxic chemical found in Wahiawa and Aiea aquifers is a “likely human carcinogen”

The EPA released a new health assessment for the toxic contaminant tetrachloroethylene – also known as perchloroethylene, or perc, as a “likely human carcinogen.”  PERC is a contaminant found at military sites in Hawai’i including the Schofield / Wahiawa aquifer (a former Superfund site) and the former Aiea Laundry site, a Navy superfund site across… Read more »

Kaneohe Marine charged with attempted murder

 The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported that 22-year old Kaneohe Marine Brandon Calhoun was charged with “second-degree attempted murder after he allegedly hit a 48-year-old man with a chair and  and his fists during argument in a Waikiki parking lot.” Police said the victim went to the hospital in critical condition with head and facial injuries… Read more »

Disarray or disinformation? – Shifting U.S. military plans in the Asia Pacific region

Over the past week there have been confusing and contradictory reports about plans to relocate U.S. military bases in Okinawa. Do they reflect the actual state of disarray in the U.S.-Japan alliance or psychological operations to pressure local communities into accepting base relocation plans in Okinawa and Guam? On February 1, the Kyodo News Service… Read more »

The Battle for Jeju Island: How the Arms Race is Threatening a Korean Paradise

Bravo to Actor Robert Redford, who wrote “The Battle for Jeju Island: How the Arms Race is Threatening a Korean Paradise,” (2/3/12) a passionate plea for solidarity with  Jeju islanders and their resistance against the Aegis naval base: Imagine dropping fifty-seven cement caissons, each one the size of a four-story house, on miles of beach… Read more »