New analysis of Hawai’i statehood referendum data raises doubts about its legitimacy

Arnie Saiki of the Statehood Hawaii blog has done excellent analysis of the voting data for Hawai’i’s statehood referendum and raises critical questions about the legitimacy of the vote as an act of self-determination.  The data on population patterns and the military population are interesting.    See the maps and analysis.


1959 Election District Maps

Having just compiled an original study breaking down a precinct-by-precinct analysis of Hawaii’s statehood plebiscite, it is important that we come to understand the process through which the state continues to assert that 94.6% of Hawaii’s population voted for statehood in 1959.

This posting follows an earlier series of posting critical of the plebiscite.

While it is true that the majority of “registered voters” supported statehood, one needs to also examine data which suggests that residents did not register to vote, inasmuch as they did not want to support the statehood plebiscite. It is important that we examine what is not counted as significantly as we examine what is.

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