Ho’ola Hawai’i – Environmental Justice


Our Health, Our Environment, Our Rights brochure A brochure with information about environmental justice impacts on the Wai’anae community. (2008)

Wai’anae Environmental Justice and Our Community Health leaflet (August 6, 2008)

Wai’anae Environmental Justice and Our Community Health meeting flyer (August 22, 2008)

Other Resources:

Principles of Environmental Justice

International Grassroots Summit on Military Bases Cleanup.

The Impact of the Military Presence in Hawai’i on the Health of Na Kānaka Maoli,” by Kalamaoka‘aina Niheu, MD, Laurel Mei Turbin, MPH, Seiji Yamada, MD, MPH, Developing Human Resources For Health in the Pacific Vol 14. No 1. 2007.

Ho`i Hou iā Papahānaumoku: A History of Ecocolonization in the Pu`uhonua of Wai`anae, PhD. Dissertation by Trisha Kehaulani Watson (December 2008)

“Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy”, The Chicago Tribune

“A Toxic Legacy Abroad”, The Boston Globe, 11.15.99. (pdf)

“U.S. Presence of Foreign Soil is Tainted”, The Boston Globe, 11.15.09. (pdf)