Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a plane Frogs in your plants. Invasive species will find a way. But while Hawai’i bungles the job, New Zealand gets serious. Joan Conrow Aug 23, 2006 Hawai’i’s airports and harbors are ticking time bombs-and we’re not talking about the kind that do predictable stuff, like blow up, maim, destroy. No, this catastrophe… Read more »

Waianae compost plan hits turbulence Vol. 11, Issue 229 – Thursday, August 17, 2006 Waianae compost plan hits turbulence The firm faces a chicken-and-egg dilemma By Diana Leone An Oahu company wants to turn household garbage into compost in Nanakuli but faces opposition from Waianae residents, skepticism from city officials and questions from state health officials. Bedminster Oahu… Read more »

Missile-like metal tube reported over Hilo Airport

Missile-like metal tube is reported over Hilo Airport By Rod Thompson HILO » The FBI and the Transportation Security Administration are investigating sightings of an object resembling a missile flying over the Hilo Airport area Tuesday morning, Hawaii County Civil Defense said. Reports gave opposite descriptions of its direction and widely varying estimates of… Read more »

Groups call for halt of destructive activities in Lihu’e

Today, DMZ-Hawai’i / Aloha ‘Aina called for an end to the destructive activities in Lihu’e, O’ahu, in particular the activities that threaten Hale’au’au Heiau. Public Statement 28 July 2006 Army must cease and desist destructive Stryker activities to sacred sites in Lihu‘e plains In public hearings in 2003, the community overwhelmingly opposed the U.S. Army’s… Read more »

Ship of Fools

Ship of fools Some Hawai’i residents tell Superferry officials to shape up or ship out J.M. Buck Jul 26, 2006 July 2001: Timothy Dick, an electrical engineer, founds Hawaii Superferry after seeing large, high-speed roll-on/roll-off catamaran ferries operating between Barcelona, Spain and the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. June 2003: A new ferry… Read more »

“We don’t hide the fact that it could help build an anti-satellite weapon” Weapon of Mass Diffraction Sure, it looks like the giant death ray from Goldeneye. And sure, the same technology could someday help blast satellites out of orbit. But for now, the US Air Force’s Starfire Optical Range, perched on a hill in the New Mexico desert, is just trying to take some good pictures…. Read more »

Starfire: laser space weapons research in New Mexico

This article discusses a secret laser space weapon program housed at an Air Force research facility in New Mexico.   This is disturbing because it represents a significant leap in the militarization of space.  What’s more disturbing for Hawai’i is the fact that an optical satellite tracking telescope that can also be used as a weapon… Read more »

Hearing begins for Schofield soldier

Posted on: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 Hearing begins for Schofield soldier By William Cole Advertiser Military Writer Spc. Jeffery White spacer spacer Spc. Felicia LaDuke spacer spacer WAHIAWA – Army Spc. Felicia LaDuke had a young son she loved, but on the night of Oct. 7, 2005, she had a baby sitter, and was in… Read more »

Former military man indicted for sexual assault on a child Thursday, March 2, 2006 Suspect facing more counts of sex assault An Oahu grand jury has re-indicted a 30-year-old man, allegedly found in the bed of a 14-year-old Waialae boy by his stepfather, adding four more first-degree sexual assault charges and upgrading an electronic enticement charge. Joseph Colasacco was indicted yesterday on five counts… Read more »

PKO saved Kaho’olawe, but has the group lost its way?

Rebuilding Kaho’olawe PKO saved the island, but has the group lost its way? Joan Conrow Feb 8, 2006 While activists succeeded in wresting Kaho’olawe away from the Navy and halting its use as a military bombing target, some are concerned that Protect Kaho’olawe ‘Ohana (PKO), the grassroots group that launched the struggle, has drifted away… Read more »