The Price of Preparing for War The Price of Preparing for War Charles W. Schmidt Located a few miles from Anchorage, Alaska’s Eagle River Flats is a coastal saltwater marsh teeming with fish, wildlife—and unexploded mortar and artillery shells. The marsh lies on the Department of Defense’s (DOD) 62,000-acre training facility at Fort Richardson, headquarters to the Army’s Alaskan command… Read more »

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, stop militarizing Hawaiian communities

August 29 2004 The federally-funded Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) is promoting militarization in Hawaiian Homestead communities through a wholly-owned subsidiary Hawaiian Homestead Technology. In addition, the CNHA is supporting federal recognition of Kanaka Maoli, which will perpetuate the militarization of Hawaii nei. Read DMZ Hawaii/Aloha Aina’s statement on the occasion of CNHA’s annual… Read more »

Kanaka Maoli groups sue Army over Stryker Brigade

Posted on: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 Lawsuit opposes Stryker brigade By William Cole Advertiser Military Writer Three native Hawaiian organizations are challenging the Army’s Stryker plan in federal court, saying the service failed to consider any location other than Hawai’i for the fast-strike unit, in violation of federal environmental law. At a press conference at… Read more »

Winona LaDuke: More Land For The Military Than For Hawaiians From Indian Country Today and Homeless In Hawaii More Land For The Military Than For Hawaiians Part One of Two By Winona LaDuke, Guest Columnist August 3, 2004 It’s summer in Hawaii, the state is considering another generous land donation to the military and has made homelessness a crime. Under the cover of… Read more »

Soldier with ‘perfect military record’ threatens wife with gun

Tuesday, June 8, 2004 CRAIG T. KOJIMA / CKOJIMA@STARBULLETIN.COM Former Honolulu Police Department recruit Ernie Gomez, right, headed into court yesterday with his attorney, Victor Bakke. Gomez will be arraigned June 21. Ex-HPD recruit to be arraigned His wife says that he put a gun to her head, threatening to kill her By Debra Barayuga… Read more »

Car carrying soldiers may have been racing in fiery freeway crash

The Honolulu Advertiser reported: Funeral services for Mariano “Mel” Melvin Salangdron, a Safety Systems Hawai’i employee who was killed in a fiery crash on the H-1 Freeway on Feb. 13, will be held Saturday at Mililani Mortuary Mauka Chapel. Salangdron, 49, was riding in a flatbed truck owned by Safety Systems that was doing its… Read more »

America’s Empire of Bases

America’s Empire of Bases by Chalmers Johnson Thursday, January 15, 2004. As distinct from other peoples, most Americans do not recognize — or do not want to recognize — that the United States dominates the world through its military power. Due to government secrecy, our citizens are often ignorant of the fact that our… Read more »

Ko’olauloa turns out to oppose Strykers

Wednesday, November 5, 2003 THE STRYKER HEARINGS GEORGE F. LEE / GLEE@STARBULLETIN.COM George Cox hoisted signs protesting a proposed Stryker brigade to be stationed in Schofield during public testimony last night at the Turtle Bay Hilton. He was among some 200 people who attended the meeting to oppose the plan. Calm opposition weighs against mobile… Read more »

Conviction stands for soldier who brutally murdered of a prostitute in Waikiki

While searching online for incidents of military crimes in Hawai’i, I came across the following information on a website for the Honolulu City Prosecutor.  While the page was basically a resume for Peter Carlisle, it was one of the few entries that turned up on this particular case. William Conklin, a soldier, was convicted for… Read more »

Star Bulletin editorial: “Don’t prosecute Stryker protesters”

Source: Saturday, November 01, 2003 [ OUR OPINION ] Don’t prosecute Stryker protesters THE ISSUE The Army rescinded its ban on protest signs at hearings on the proposed Stryker brigade after seven arrests at the first two hearings. DEMOCRACY can be messy and even unruly, a characteristic that escaped Army officials who scheduled a… Read more »