Sailor faces execution

Thursday, January 9, 2003 Pearl sailor faces execution The Navy petty officer is accused of killing his Singapore-born wife and mother-in-law By Gregg K. Kakesako Navy prosecutors will seek the death penalty against a Pearl Harbor sailor who they say killed his Singapore-born wife and her mother. Rear Adm. Robert Conway, commander of Navy… Read more »

“Aloha aina must continue”

DMZ HAWAII/ALOHA AINA STATEMENT November 12, 2002 “Aloha aina must continue” Clean up and return lands – demilitarize Hawaii Today, as Kahoolawe is turned over to the State of Hawaii, we must remember the history which has led to this moment. President Dwight Eisenhower said in 1953 that Kahoolawe was necessary for military training, but… Read more »

“America’s entire war on terror is an exercise in imperialism” Nation-Building Lite By MICHAEL IGNATIEFF Published: July 28, 2002 The Warlords The bulky American in combat camouflage, sleeveless pocket vest, wraparound sunglasses and floppy fishing hat is not going to talk to me. He may be C.I.A. or Special Forces, but either way, I’m not going to find out. These people don’t talk to… Read more »

US Military Bases and Empire

Source: U.S. Military Bases and Empire by The Editors The Bases of Empire Empires throughout human history have relied on foreign military bases to enforce their rule, and in this respect at least, Pax Americana is no different than Pax Romana or Pax Britannica. “The principal method by which Rome established her political supremacy… Read more »

Empire or Not?

Ideas From the Right Empire or Not? A Quiet Debate Over U.S. Role The Washington Post By Thomas E. Ricks Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, August 21, 2001; Page A01 One in a series of occasional articles. People who label the United States “imperialist” usually mean it as an insult. But in recent years a… Read more »

Child prostitution in Wahiawa – driven by military demand?

Wednesday, June 20, 2001 3 teens caught in prostitution sting The youngest arrested is a 13-year-old girl from Wahiawa By Nelson Daranciang Donovan Dela Cruz was shocked to learn that three teenagers were arrested this weekend for prostitution in Wahiawa. “What is this world coming to? That’s disgusting,” said Dela Cruz, chairman of the… Read more »

Infamy Indeed

This author’s critical review of John Gregory Dunne’s 2001 New Yorker article “The American Raj: Pearl Harbor as Metaphor” is typical of apologists for American Empire.   Somehow the fact that the U.S. illegally invaded and occupied the independent Hawaiian Kingdom is excusable because the U.S. occupiers were not as brutal as the Japanese. Infamy… Read more »

Vieques Residents Alarmed by Depleted Uranium Reports

Published on Tuesday, January 30, 2001 by Inter Press Service Vieques Residents Alarmed by Depleted Uranium Reports by Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero Residents of the island-town of Vieques are alarmed and angered by the United States military’s use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition in a firing range located next to a civilian area. Since 1941, Vieques has… Read more »

Vieques – Okinawa Solidarity Vieques and Okinawa: Allies Against U.S. Troops by Toby Eglund AUGUST 7, 2000. As the U.S. Navy launches a second round of bombing exercises in the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, anti-Navy activists there are finding allies in Okinawa, Japan, where pacifist and environmental groups are renewing demands for a reduction of U.S. bases… Read more »

Okinawans protest crimes by US troops

Published on Thursday, July 13, 2000 in the Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany) Okinawans Outraged Over Crimes By Troops Of ‘Rogue Superpower America’ by Karl Grobe Bowing to Japanese concerns about a string of incidents involving American troops stationed on Okinawa, United States military authorities on the Japanese island have this week imposed an indefinite curfew and… Read more »