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“Absence of proof doesn’t prove safety” – ATSDR coming under fire

The NYT article discusses the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Control Registry pattern of flawed and irresponsible investigation into the health hazard of environmental contamination.  After coming under strong criticism from government auditors, the ATSDR reversed its conclusions of “no threat” to public health in two contaminated military sites: Camp Lejeune and Vieques.   ATSDR… Read more »

City official says Mailiili Stream “was not used as a dump site”

A City official said that the illegal dumping of concrete debris in Mailiili Stream was to create a “temporary path”.  But they dumped this material over the course of two years!  Take a look at this photo below.  How temporary does it look to you?  The City did not obtain the required permit to dump… Read more »

City Dumps Debris in Wai’anae Stream

Carroll Cox of EnviroWatch reported the City and County of Honolulu’s illegal dumping of concrete debris in Mailiili Stream in Wai’anae. On June 30, 2009, Cox spoke to students from the summer environmental justice institute Ka Makani Kai’aulu o Wai’anae and gave a tour of environmental justice impacts he has documented in the Wai’anae area.  … Read more »