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Driving amphibious assault vehicles through ancient fishponds to help endangered birds?

The Marines will drive amphibious assault vehicles through Nu’upi’a ponds to remove invasive weeds and supposedly help create habitat for Ae’o, the endangered Hawaiian Stilt.    And in doing so are spreading the seeds of the pickleweed.  I wonder how the military was allowed to do this in an ancient Hawaiian fishpond.   I can’t… Read more »

Security kept Obama close to marine base, on stolen Hawaiian land

Military occupation of Mokapu means the president gets a beautiful, secure playground for his visit to Hawai’i.  But the story fails to address the fact that the military forcibly seized this land during WWII, much of it ancestral Hawaiian lands and national lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom.   More than two thousand Hawaiian iwi kupuna (ancestral… Read more »

USS Arizona artifacts are sacred – so are Native Hawaiian burials

The Navy and the veterans community have rightfully rallied to stop the auctioning of artifacts salvaged from the USS Arizona after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The silver plated service set is considered ‘sacred’, and is being claimed as property of the Navy.  It is good to have a sense of history and the sacred. … Read more »

Marines plan another urban training site in Hawai’i?

The article doesn’t specify where the Marines plan to put this new facility.  They already built a new MOUT at Waimanalo (Bellows) on Hawaiian national land that was supposed to be returned.  They failed to consult with the local community, which sparked protests.   Previously, the Marines had wanted to build a MOUT on Mokapu peninsula,… Read more »

‘Hey, can you move the birds?’

Marines drive amphibious assault vehicles through Nu’upia pond, a wetland and Hawaiian fishpond, to help create bird habitat?    “It’s better than a monster-truck rally.” >><< Posted on: Monday, January 13, 2003 Mud-churning Marines help birds By William Cole Advertiser Military Writer KANE’OHE BAY – Back in the late 1970s, the Marines used to drive their… Read more »

Marines: Stranded concert goers “should have planned their day” better

Posted on: Monday, August 17, 2009 Band’s fans stalled on H-3 Some never made it to Black Eyed Peas concert at Kane’ohe Marine base By John Windrow Advertiser Staff Writer People who waited for hours on H-3 Freeway only to miss Saturday night’s Black Eyed Peas concert at Marine Corps Base Kane’ohe’s BayFest should have… Read more »

War and Peace: The challenges of staging modern-day makahiki celebrations on military lands

WAR AND PEACE The challenges of staging modern-day makahiki celebrations on military lands By Lisa Asato Publications Editor Twenty-first century makahiki festivals encounter modern-day challenges, such as coordinating with the military for access and trying to stay true to tradition, but festival organizers at a recent panel discussion said they are undeterred and continue to… Read more »

Locals pound kapa to enshroud ancient bones

The Molokai Dispatch published a story about a kapa-making workshop on Molokai led by Mililani Hanapi.  Terri Keko’olani was one of the participants. She is one of the claimants for burials at Mokapu, site of the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay: At the Kewanui fish pond last Sunday, 44 international students learned the Hawaiian… Read more »

Nonstop war duty tests Marines

Nonstop war duty tests Marines By William Cole Advertiser Military Writer KANE’OHE BAY – Less than four months ago, Lt. Col. Norm Cooling and his 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines were getting ready to leave Afghanistan after a seven-month deployment. Many of the 1,000 Hawai’i Marines humped heavy loads through remote mountain valleys, camping for days… Read more »