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Is it now a crime to be poor? Honolulu among top ten ‘meanest’ cities

Honolulu made the top ten list for America’s ‘meanest’ cities to the homeless. Why are we surprised?  Because we believed the saccharine propaganda about ‘aloha spirit’?   The homeless, or houseless are mostly Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiians who really constitute an internally displaced population, one of the ‘gifts’ of statehood.   I guess that is why the… Read more »

Hawaiian sovereignty reawakened

Posted on: Sunday, August 9, 2009 Pride in Hawaiian culture reawakened Seeds of sovereignty movement sown during 1960s-70s renaissance By Michael Tsai For five electric days in 1993, tens of thousands of Native Hawaiians and others sympathetic to Native Hawaiian causes marked the 100th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy with a series… Read more »

Hawaiian movement leaders reject statehood

Posted on: Monday, August 10, 2009 Some Hawaiian activists reject statehood, saying it’s a ‘crime’ Activists point to illegal acts, starting with the overthrow By Michael Tsai Advertiser Staff Writer In 1959, what opposition there was to Hawai’i statehood was based on a variety of factors, from fears that communists had infiltrated the territory’s labor… Read more »

Statehood traumatic for Kanaka Maoli

August 9, 2009 Hawaii’s move into statehood traumatic for many Hawaiians Illegal overthrow still stung for many Native Hawaiians By Michael Tsai Advertiser Staff Writer Manny Fernandez was in Fort Bliss, Texas, when he and his fellow National Guard officers from back home heard the news that Hawai’i had officially joined the United States. “We… Read more »

Hawai’i State Historic Preservation Division under investigation

Hopefully this investigation will shine a light on the pattern of neglect at the agency responsible for protecting Hawai’i’s precious cultural resources.  The tragedy stretches from the state’s collusion with developers in the desecration of a Hawaiian cemetery in Naue, to the destruction of Hawea Heiau and the desecration of burials at the Walmart and… Read more »

Homeless or internally displaced peoples?

Most of these houseless families are Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian).  It would be more historically accurate to describe them as landless or internally displaced peoples, uprooted from ancestral homelands by America’s taking of Hawaiian lands, ‘collateral damage’ of U.S. occupation. The eviction of the houseless from the beaches is only moving them further into the… Read more »

Army trying to coopt Native Hawaiians

Yesterday, the last day of AFSC’s summer youth environmental justice training program Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae,  we took the ten youth out to Makua to learn about the struggle to rescue the valley and to give ho’okupu back to the ‘aina – ti leaf plants that they had nurtured at home during the course… Read more »

Kako’o mai Kaua’i o Mano!

KAUAI SUPPORT Hawaiian rights activists protest on Kaua‘i, O‘ahu By Michael Levine – The Garden Island Published: Sunday, January 18, 2009 3:10 AM HST LIHU‘E – While an estimated 5,000 demonstrators protested the state of Hawai‘i’s stance on so-called ceded lands in Honolulu, roughly 15 assembled at the junction of Kapule Highway and Ahukini Road… Read more »

Thousands march to protest U.S. Occupation of Hawai’i and the Sale of Stolen Land

On the 116th anniversary of the U.S. invasion and overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, thousands of Kanaka Maoli and allies marched through Waikiki and held a rally to protest the continuing U.S. occupation and to resist the state’s attempts to sell the stolen Crown and Government lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  From From Top to… Read more »

March and Rally to Protect Hawaiian Lands!

On the 116th anniversary of the illegal U.S. overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Hawaiian groups have united to protest the state’s attempts to sell the stolen Hawaiian Government and Crown Lands (what is erroneously referred to as “ceded” lands). Below is the official announcement from the planning committee. This march and rally should NOT be… Read more »