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Gerson: Globe misstates key facts about Nuclear Posture Review

Joseph Gerson wrote this letter to the editor of the Boston Globe commenting on its article about the Nuclear Posture Review currently underway: Dear Editor, Brian Bender’s article “Obama presses review of nuclear strategy” contains misstatements of fact, makes no reference to essential context of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, and misses the… Read more »

Pentagon resists Obama’s nuclear disarmament initiatives,0,2198537,full.story Obama’s nuclear-free vision mired in debate Pentagon officials have pushed back against the president’s goals to shrink the U.S. stockpile and reduce the role of such weapons in foreign policy, sources say. By Paul Richter January 4, 2010 Reporting from Washington – President Obama’s ambitious plan to begin phasing out nuclear weapons has run… Read more »

Support Plowshares activists who broke into nuclear missile base

Five Plowshares activists broke into the Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor to symbolically disarm nuclear weapons stored there.   I admire the loving courage of the Plowshares activists.  Unlike consumer Christians who try to buy their salvation with trendy merchandise like the “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do?) products, the Plowshares activists are for real. They truly ask “What… Read more »

Lind: “1971: Hawaii People’s Coalition for Peace and Justice”

Ian Lind posted archival materials from the Hawaii People’s Coalition for Peace and Justice circa 1971.   It is both encouraging and depressing to see that the themes and struggles from forty years ago are still relevant to the movement today.    One of the archived documents that caught my eye, an open letter to Americans from… Read more »

Diego Garcia: A thorn in the side of Africa’s nuclear-weapon-free zone Diego Garcia: A thorn in the side of Africa’s nuclear-weapon-free zone By Peter H. Sand | 8 October 2009 Article Highlights More than 13 years after its signature, the Pelindaba Treaty, which establishes Africa as a nuclear-weapon-free zone, officially came into force this summer. However, conflicting British and African interpretations of an oblique footnote about… Read more »

U.S. and South Korea to draw up military pact

The U.S. and South Korea plan to draft a military guidelines similar to the U.S. – Japan mutual cooperation agreement.  The pact will include provisions to ensure a “U.S. nuclear umbrella for South Korea and the stable presence of U.S. forces in Korea.” >><< 12-16-2009 18:07 S. Korea, US to Draw Up Defense Guidelines… Read more »

Japan government to reveal details of secret pact with U.S. allowing nuclear weapons into Japan

The Democratic Party of Japan, the new ruling party that broke 60 years of conservative party domination, will reveal details of a secret agreement between Japan and the U.S. that allowed the U.S. military to bring nuclear weapons into Japan despite an explicit prohibition under Japanese law.  Ralph A. Cossa, president of the Center for… Read more »

Will Obama speak from Hiroshima? Published on Friday, October 30, 2009 by The Japan Times Online Hiroshima Beckons Obama by John Einarsen For the past 64 years the name “Hiroshima” has conjured a nightmare vision for all humanity: the unthinkable specter of instantaneous atomic annihilation. Only by personally visiting Hiroshima or Nagasaki, the two cities that have experienced atomic… Read more »

Japan’s new government investigates secret nuclear agreements with the U.S.

Despite Japan’s pacifist constitution and aversion to nuclear weapons, the U.S. and Japan reached  a secret deal in the 1960s that allowed U.S. nuclear weapons into port and select locations.   The new government in Japan is now investigating these secret agreements.   Check out the National Security Archive for more background on this issue. >><< October… Read more »

Disarm Now! Mobilizing Call for the NPT Review

Please support this call for nuclear disarmament by leading anti-nuclear and peace groups.   Their is a small window for making progress on nuclear disarmament. In 2010, the countries that are party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will meet in New York for the 5-year review of the treaty.  Civil society groups will converge to hold… Read more »