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How Waikiki was built “on war, racism and human misery”

Militarism and tourism have always been intimately related institutions in Hawai’i. With APEC leaders descending on Waikiki in November, Larry Geller reminds us of the hidden history Waikiki as illustrative of the history of Hawai’i as a whole. In Hawaii’s hidden history—slave labor, profit, and the taking of Waikiki, Larry Geller writes “If you’re a… Read more »

Possible Native Hawaiian burial site found on shores of Ke Awalau o Pu’uloa/Pearl Harbor

From the Honolulu Star Advertiser Human remains found near Blaisdell Park may be from burial site By Rob Shikina POSTED: 03:16 p.m. HST, Mar 15, 2011 Human remains believed to be part of an ancient Hawaiian burial site were found along the shoreline of Neal S. Blaisdell Park in Aiea today. A fisherman reporting… Read more »

Pearl Harbor has become the X-Band radar’s informal home

The Sea-Based X-band Radar (SBX) pulled into Pearl Harbor again on December 22, 2010.  When the military originally proposed the expansion of its missile defense test range to include most of the north Pacific,  many opposed the project, especially the homeporting of the $1 billion Sea-Based X-band Radar monstrosity in Hawai’i. We were relieved when… Read more »

Hawaii key in U.S. plans for Pacific region

As the Honolulu Star Advertiser reports, despite the Pentagon’s announced budget cuts of $78 billion, the message from the 10th annual Hawaii military partnership conference is that “Hawaii is of extreme strategic importance” to the United States because of our location in the critically important Asia Pacific region and because of the rising economic and… Read more »

Remembering Pearl Harbor, forgetting Ke Awalau o Pu’uloa

I recently visited the new exhibition at the Arizona Memorial.  The exhibit is ripe for political, psychological and cultural analyses.  But here I only offer a few initial impressions: On the one hand, the new exhibit tells a more complex and nuanced story about the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the origins of World War… Read more »

Giant sea-based radar undergoes $7M repair

The giant sea-based X-band radar has reappeared in Pearl Harbor again for repairs. This expensive piece of hardware has been plagued by problems from the start, when it began to take on water and had to return to Pearl Harbor for repairs. As William Cole reports, the radar will get $7 million in repairs in… Read more »

Guam Senator Cruz demands demands radiation tests for Apra harbor

Senator B.J. Cruz from Guam is demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency require the U.S. military to test for radiation contamination be conducted in Apra Harbor before dredging and dumping of the sediment is approved.   He is right to demand these studies.  It is widely known that U.S. navy ships have leaked radioactive water in… Read more »

800 gallons of sewage spills into Pearl Harbor Updated at 2:03 p.m., Saturday, April 17, 2010 800 gallons of sewage spills into Pearl Harbor Advertiser Staff An estimated 800 gallons of sewage has been discharged into a storm drain at Merry Point, Pearl Harbor today due to a broken pipe, according to the state’s Department of Health Clean Water Branch. The break… Read more »

Kahuli: MUSIC 4 da PEOPLE – Pu’uloa

MUSIC 4 da PEOPLE March 13, 2010 12:00 pm BLAISDELL PARK in Pearl City Uncle George Kahumoku and his puppet show will be featured Theme is the demilitarization & healing of Pu’uloa…and the honoring of da Shark Queen, Ka’ahupahau!! Spread da word!!!/photo.php?pid=3544197&id=16679366309

Hawai’i faces a Strykerferry threat

When critics of the Hawaii Superferry uncovered its ties to military programs and warned that the Superferry was a front for establishing a U.S.-based shipyard that could compete for the military JHSV and Littoral Combat Ship contracts, these ideas were derided as “paranoid conspiracy theories”. But less than a year since the demise of the… Read more »