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Chalmers Johnson: Three good reasons to liquidate U.S. Empire, and ten steps to get there

Soldiers line up at Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. The US operates 865 bases in more than 40 countries and territories. (Photo: US Department of Defense) Source: Three Good Reasons to Liquidate Our Empire: And Ten Steps to Take to Do So Thursday 30 July 2009 by: Chalmers Johnson  |  Visit article original @ However… Read more »

New Informational Website on U.S. Military Violence Against Women

Announcing A New Informational Website on U.S. Military Violence Against Women Providing information, analysis, and news about the history of U.S. military violence against girls and women in Okinawa and Japan, and in numerous other locations around the world. Other related concerns include: * Sexual assault and violence against women within the U.S. armed… Read more »

Guam to host meeting of the International Network of Women Against Militarism

Save the date and spread the word about this important meeting of solidarity taking place on Guam next month ************************************* 7TH MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF WOMEN AGAINST MILITARISM Resistance, Resilience, and Respect for Human Rights CHinemma’, Nina’maolek, yan Inarespetu para Direchon Taotao Location: University of Guam, Mangilao, Guåhan Dates: September 14-19, 2009 Women… Read more »

Ex-soldier convicted of murder

Posted on: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Hawaii man convicted in 1999 murder case By Jim Dooley Advertiser Staff Writer Darnell Griffin was convicted yesterday of the 1999 murder of Evelyn Luka in a “cold case” murder trial that was based largely on a DNA match made eight years after Luka was found strangled and near… Read more »

Filipinas protest US soldier rape acquittal

Transcript of video news story follows. April 25, 2009 Filipinas protest US soldier rape acquittal Philippines protests and calls to end US Visiting Forces Agreement in response to appeals court decision Transcript (VOICEOVER): A Philippine appeals court overturned the 2006 rape conviction of a US marine and ordered his immediate release on Thursday, setting off… Read more »

Sex assault in military up 8 percent

April 12, 2009 Most Hawaii Army sex assaults go unreported, but military better in raising awareness of problem By William Cole Advertiser Military Writer A female sailor reported being raped aboard the Pearl Harbor-based cruiser USS Port Royal while it was docked in the United Arab Emirates. A male enlisted sailor accused of the crime… Read more »

The Great Shame: Sex assault in the military

The Great Shame By BOB HERBERT Published: March 20, 2009 I had a conversation several weeks ago with a former Army officer, a woman, who had been attacked in her bed a few years ago by a superior officer, a man, who was intent on raping her. The woman fought the man off with a… Read more »

Convicted rapists enlist in military under “moral waivers” Does Policy Endanger Female Soldiers? Female Troops Face Threat Of Sexual Abuse By Comrades As “Moral Waivers” Increase March 18, 2009 | by Katie Couric (CBS) It’s a potent environment, with female soldiers working – and living – under hostile conditions with their male counterparts. One soldier, who asked us to call him Robert,… Read more »

Fashioning Resistance to Militarism

Fashioning Resistance to Militarism Christine Ahn and Gwyn Kirk | March 9, 2009 Editor: John Feffer Foreign Policy In Focus In the silver lining to the devastating economic crisis, critiques of excessive military spending are now beginning to echo around Capitol Hill and throughout mainstream media. Federal budget priorities – and the billions of… Read more »