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Student personal information will go to military recruiters unless they opt out

ALERT!   All secondary students and parents should know about the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) military recruitment list opt-out form and deadline for opting out! AFSC Hawai’i’s CHOICES project, Truth2Youth, Maui Careers in Peacemaking, and the Kaua’i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice have worked for years to get the Hawai’i Department of Education… Read more »

U.S. plans to leave behind private military forces in Iraq Civilians to Take U.S. Lead After Military Leaves Iraq By MICHAEL R. GORDON Published: August 18, 2010 WASHINGTON — As the United States military prepares to leave Iraq by the end of 2011, the Obama administration is planning a remarkable civilian effort, buttressed by a small army of contractors, to fill the void. By… Read more »

Hundreds of PTSD soldiers likely misdiagnosed Hundreds of PTSD soldiers likely misdiagnosed By ANNE FLAHERTY Associated Press POSTED: 06:41 a.m. HST, Aug 15, 2010 WASHINGTON — At the height of the Iraq war, the Army routinely fired hundreds of soldiers for having a personality disorder when they were more likely suffering from the traumatic stresses of war, discharge data suggests…. Read more »

Targeting Children: U.S. uses comics to promote U.S.-Japan military alliance

The U.S. is using manga, a Japanese comic book form to promote its tattered military alliance with Japan.  Psyops targeting children? And the racial and sexual politics of the characters are just a little creepy.  The blond blue-eyed boy “Usa-kun” protects the house of the girl “Arai Anzu”. When asked why he says “Because we… Read more »

Militarizing Kulani

Governor recently made a unilateral decision to close the Kulani prison on Hawai’i island, a program that is one of the most successful in Hawai’i and has community support. She transferred the land (nearly 7000 acres) to the State of Hawaii Department of Defense.  The prison would be turned into a Youth Challenge military academy,… Read more »

Recruiters target Micronesians for U.S. military

Military recruiters exploit the poverty of Micronesia and other Pacific islands to fill their quotas.  The U.S. took the land, then they take the youth to fight wars of empire.   Here’s a fact to make one ponder:  “A recent study by the Heritage Foundation of US enlistment rates cites “Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander” as the… Read more »

In Defense of Public School Teachers in a Time of Crisis

Yesterday, Tax Day, was a day of protest for right wing Tea Party groups, who say they are against taxes and big government.   In parts of the U.S. this right wing populism has taken a nasty turn with racist overtones.  The tea party populism also emboldens neoliberal politicians like Governor Lingle whose actions are crippling… Read more »

Today! Save Our Schools Rally to End the Furloughs

Save Our Schools will hold a rally today and round-the-clock vigil at the Governor’s mansion demanding that Governor Linda Lingle end the furloughs of Hawai’i’s public schools. Event: Round-the-Clock Vigil at Governor’s Mansion What: Rally Start Time: Today, April 10 at 12:00pm End Time: Monday, April 12 at 7:45am Where: Washington Place (across the capitol)… Read more »

Parents given citations for sit-in protest at Governor’s office

Costs of war Hawai’i’s Governor Linda Lingle instigated “furlough fridays” to cut the state budget, making Hawai’i the laughing stock of the nation with the fewest number of instructional days for public schools.   Save Our Schools, a group organized by parents and children to fight for public education staged a sit-in in the Governor’s office… Read more »

Two conflicting visions for Kulani prison: military academy or Native Hawaiian healing center

From the Hawai’i Independent: Two visions for Kulani prison: Lawmakers consider a new plan for the closed facility Mar 24, 2010 – 01:52 PM | by Alan McNarie | Hawaii Island A robotics club was initiated as a pilot project for the Hawaiʻi National Guard Youth Challenge Academy on Oʻahu. HILO—When Hawaiʻi Island’s Kulani… Read more »