Guam legislature tells Japanese delegation “No More Troops”

No more troops

Friday, 12 February 2010 03:52 by Therese Hart | Variety News Staff

Speaker Judi Guthertz discusses Guam’s sentiments with Japanese House Rep. Mikio Shimoji, while vice speaker BJ Cruz and Sen. Tina Muna Barnes listen during the Japanese delegation’s visit to the legislature on Thursday. Matt Weis

Japanese officials given copy of ‘sentiment’ resolution

LAWMAKERS yesterday unanimously passed a resolution that reiterates the island residents’ sentiments on the military’s draft environmental impact statement, which they consider “grossly flawed.”

Visiting members of Japan’s House of Representatives assured senators that there will be no additional troops that will be deployed to Guam beyond the number originally agreed upon between The United States and Japan.

Senator Rory Respicio, author of Resolution 275, described the legislature’s action as a tremendous victory for the people of Guam. He said the resolution reflects months of input based on the review of the draft impact report.

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