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How Waikiki was built “on war, racism and human misery”

Militarism and tourism have always been intimately related institutions in Hawai’i. With APEC leaders descending on Waikiki in November, Larry Geller reminds us of the hidden history Waikiki as illustrative of the history of Hawai’i as a whole. In Hawaii’s hidden history—slave labor, profit, and the taking of Waikiki, Larry Geller writes “If you’re a… Read more »

U.S. plans to leave behind private military forces in Iraq Civilians to Take U.S. Lead After Military Leaves Iraq By MICHAEL R. GORDON Published: August 18, 2010 WASHINGTON — As the United States military prepares to leave Iraq by the end of 2011, the Obama administration is planning a remarkable civilian effort, buttressed by a small army of contractors, to fill the void. By… Read more »

Top Secret America in Hawai’i

The Hawaii Independent published an article exploring the Hawai’i connections to the Washington Post series on the growth of secret government programs since 9/11.    An earlier post on this website also discussed the size of the secret government connected to the US Pacific Command. The Hawaii Independent article reported that of the 127 top secret… Read more »

Inouye + campaign contributions = earmarks

The AP ran a story about Senator Inouye’s earmarks going to companies that made significant contributions to his campaign.  One beneficiary is Navatek. When the Navy passed over Navatek’s proposal, Inouye reinserted Navatek’s amphibious vehicle into a Defense Appropriations bill as an earmark. In a related chart of earmarks and campaign contibutions, Oceanit shows up… Read more »

Federal stimulus: Hawai’i cuts schools but boosts military construction

The choices leaders make in times of crisis like the present reveal something of their true character and interests. As a result of furloughs, the state of Hawai’i recently came in last for number of public school days.  Mark Niesse of the AP recently reported: At 163 school days, Hawaii’s school year ranks behind every… Read more »