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I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope: Exploring Pearl Harbor’s present pasts

Here’s an article I wrote for the Hawaii Independent reflecting on a recent school excursion to Ke Awalau o Pu’uloa / Pearl Harbor, and contemporary meanings of Pearl Harbor as national myth: I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope: Exploring Pearl Harbor’s present pasts By Kyle Kajihiro HONOLULU—On the eve of the 70th… Read more »

Teaching Children War

Jon Letman describes how militarism has seeped into our society and culture, event the “Scholastic News” that his second grade son brings home from school.  He asks profound questions about how our society has become so militarized and what it means for our future. With teaching materials like this, is it any wonder the U.S…. Read more »


URGENT ACTION TO SAVE KULANI LAND AND REVERSE THE TRANSFER TO THE NATIONAL GUARD Kat Brady of the Community Alliance on Prisons issued a call to contact Gov. Abercrombie ASAP and urge him to revoke the executive order that transferred Kulani prison land to the State Department of Defense for a military Youth ChalleNGe acadey…. Read more »

Kulani prison may reopen

The Hawaii Tribune Herald reports that the state is considering reopening the Kulani prison, which was closed and converted into a military school.  Advocates of prison reform have called for the reopening of Kulani, which was once the most successful sex offender treatment program in Hawai’i: Closed nearly two years ago to save money, Hawaii… Read more »

“A lot of the guys who had bad discharges from the military just ended up staying here”

The Hawaii Reporter published an article about the challenges of helping Hawai’i’s homeless military population.   It is not news that a large percentage of the homeless in any given place are former military personnel.   Some of this population suffers from PTSD and/or substance abuse issues.  Here are some facts reported in the article: On Oahu,… Read more »

Kulani saved? Possible win for environmental, peace and justice advocates!

CORRECTION:  I was originally informed that the resolution passed by the Hawai’i State Senate effectively reversed the reset aside of Kulani Prison to the Hawaii National Guard Youth ChalleNGe program.  However, I was informed by another source that the senate vote alone may not have been sufficient to overturn the executive order by itself.   We’re… Read more »

Demilitarization as Rehumanization

In an article in Left Turn magazine, Clare Bayard has beautifully reframed the issues for the peace / anti-war movement.  Demilitarization is about challenging the infrastructure and ideology that make wars more likely to occur. Demilitarization as Rehumanization By: Clare Bayard March 11, 2011 The antiwar movement never died. The movement has shifted to the… Read more »

A Marriage of Convenience: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” –a complex and costly policy

Ashley Lukens wrote a great article in the Honolulu Weekly about the recent repeal of the  military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and the complexities surrounding the issue of gays in the military: One year into earning his bachelor’s degree at Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), John Foster longed for more structure and direction in his… Read more »

Interim Director of Department of Public Safety wants to reopen Kulani Prison and recind transfer of the facility to the National Guard

After a string of murders, rapes and other abuses involving Hawai’i inmates in private prisons in the continental U.S. and a critical audit by the state auditor, Jodie Maesaki-Hirata, interim director of the State Department of Public Safety wants to bring all Hawai’i prisoners back to Hawai’i.    Last year, the Lingle administration closed the Kulani… Read more »

Before You Enlist (2011)

Straight talk from soldiers, veterans and their family members tells what is missing from the sales pitches presented by recruiters and the military’s marketing efforts.