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Action Alert: Keep Waianae Country! Stop industrial encroachment on agricultural land!

Developers want to change agricultural land to industrial in the heart of Lualualei valley in Wai’anae, some of the richest and most productive farm lands in Hawai’i. The Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan is coming before the City Council on Nov. 2nd (1pm, Kapolei Hale). 1. Please send letters to the council members through this link… Read more »

Action Alert: TOMORROW Protect Farm Land in Lualualei!

Action Alert:  Protect Farm Land in Lualualei! Wai’anae may lose valuable farm land in Lualualei if the proposed draft of the Wai’anae Sustainable Communities Plan (WSCP) is adopted by the Honolulu City Council.  The present draft of the WSCP would result in a loss of agricultural land and threaten to open the door to future… Read more »

Army finishes ordnance clearing off Waianae coast

The AP reports that the army completed a demonstration project to remove underwater unexploded ordnance from “ordnance reef” off the Wai’anae coast using unmanned underwater vehicles: The Army said Friday it recovered 74 pieces of decades-old exploded ordnance from the ocean floor off Oahu’s Waianae coast during a three-week effort to clear out most of… Read more »

Army recovers 32 underwater munitions from “ordnance reef”

The AP reports: The Army has recovered 32 munitions from the ocean floor off the Waianae Coast this month during a project to clear away most of the weapons the military dumped there decades ago. Of these 12 were treated to remove and destroy the explosive contents.  But the not all munitions found are being… Read more »

Making Waves: Defending Ka’ena

Making Waves: Defending Ka’ena, Episode 55 Length: 0:27 Social issues & cultural programming dedicated to peace and social justice. 7/19/2011 Tue 9:30 am, Channel NATV Channel 53 Or streaming online: I speak with Summer Mullins and Uncle Fred Mullins about their efforts to protect Ka’ena from the scourge of off-roaders destroying the sand dunes… Read more »

Army to test underwater robots for removal of unexploded ordnance off Waiʻanae

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports that Army demonstrated a remote-controlled underwater robot it will test for possible use to remove unexploded munitions off the Waiʻanae coast at a location known as “ordnance reef”. The Army said it will begin a 21-day trial run Monday of a remote-controlled submersible designed to remove discarded military munitions from… Read more »

Nanakuli industrial park dead

As we reported previously, the Wai’anae community won a major victory by stopping the proposed industrial park encroachment into agricultural land in Lualualei.  The struggle is not over however.  The landowner may try again to rezone the property, and a parallel struggle is taking place over the Wai’anae Sustainable Community Plan, which was modified in… Read more »

A Win for Environmental Justice! People of Wai’anae Save Farmland

The people of Wai’anae won a big victory for environmental justice. KAHEA reports, “Tropic Land’s petition for a boundary amendment to allow an industrial park on fertile farmland was DENIED today, April 21, 2011.”  The post continues: The Petitioner recognized that Commissioners had concerns about the proposed industrial park, especially whether they had access to… Read more »

Wai’anae voices its support for preserving agricultural land

On November 10, 2010, there was a public informational meeting on the Wai’anae Sustainable Communities Plan.  This is the plan that guides development decisions for the Wai’anae region of O’ahu. Wai’anae has always had a very strong plan, with clear limits on the growth boundary, provisions to ensure that the rural character of the community… Read more »

In Wai’anae: Army delays ‘Ordnance Reef’ study

Ordnance Reef study pushed back By William Cole POSTED: 01:30 a.m. HST, Aug 20, 2010 The Army said yesterday that it is delaying a $2.5 million study of grenades, bombs and other ordnance dumped in shallow water off Waianae that was scheduled for October because it first needs to do an environmental assessment. Conducting the… Read more »