URGENT: Police violence escalating against Jeju protesters

Activists and media persons on the ground in Jeju are reporting that the mayor Kang of Gangjeong village and several others have been arrested at the protest site against the proposed naval base.   Riot police have descended on the protest sites.

A Facebook post http://www.facebook.com/SaveJeju  10:45pm HST:

Gangjeong village Mayor Kang Dong-Kyun is being held inside of this naval facility at this moment.

Another post at 11:07pm HST:

More riot police being brought in at the construction HQ – right now! Crackdown on villagers is underway!


Visit www.savejejuisland for more information. Follow #gangjung and #savejejuisland on Twitter for the latest new, pictures and video.

At 11:24pm HST:

Riots on Jeju Island are escalating rapidly right now – getting very dangerous. Reports of injuries and arrests. THE POLICE MUST WITHDRAW. Forward posts and images from Twitter such as this to the media ASAP! Your help is needed NOW!

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