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A report on the March 20, 2010 Hilo Peace Rally

A report from Jim Albertini on the March 20, 2010 Hilo Peace Rally Aloha Peace Ohana, More than 60 people gathered on Hilo Bayfront from 10AM till noon today for a peace rally amid a light rain to call for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. The rally was… Read more »

Citizens denied access to meeting protest outside Pohakuloa Training Area Citizens denied access to meeting protest outside PTA By Heather Nicholson Wednesday, March 3, 2010 11:38 AM HST About 30 people concerned with depleted uranium (DU) radiation on Pohakuloa Training Area picketed outside the Saddle Road military base Feb. 24. At the same time, the group received word that their petition to challenge the… Read more »

Pacific activists link up against buildup Region’s activists link up against buildup Tuesday, 23 February 2010 03:08 by Mar-Vic Cagurangan | Variety News Staff ACTIVISTS from Guam and the CNMI, joined by their supporters from Okinawa and Hawaii, are holding a protest rally today at the front gate of Pacific Command Headquarters at Camp Smith in ‘Aiea, Oahu, to oppose… Read more »

Military Closed Door Meeting at Pohakuloa with politicians Protested!

Below is a press release from Malu ‘Aina and Hawai’i Island peace movement activists about an action that took place today at Pohakuloa, where the Army held a closed door meeting with the Hawai’i Island Mayor Billy Kenoi and State Representative Faye Hanohano and other officials.  State Representative Josh Green sent a communication to organizer… Read more »

Makua panel to air on ‘Olelo

ALOHA  this OHA/OLELO production will be shown on Thursday(s) February 17 and 24th at 7:00 p.m. on Channel 53.  You may also pick up the program by going to a couple of minutes before airtime and clicking on Channel 53. OHA #158 FEBRUARY 12, 2010 MALAMA MAKUA – LIVE FIRE OVER MAKUA VALLEY Fred… Read more »

Live-fire over Makua valley

As the Honolulu Weekly reported below, the community turned out to protest the Army’s plan to establish an Asia-Pacific Fusion Counter-IED center at Makua.   Like a pimp, the Army is soliciting other countries to use and abuse Makua.  Stars and Stripes reported that in Thailand during “Cobra Gold” joint military exercises, “U.S. Army Pacific officials… Read more »

Researcher warns: Right wing “populist moment” could get worse

Message to the Left: stop whining and organize! Last night in Honolulu, Chip Berlet, senior researcher of Right wing movements for Political Research Associates and veteran organizer, spoke about the Right wing populism in the U.S. and its current resurgence in the so-called “Tea Party movement” and attacks on President Obama.  He described the history… Read more »

Depleted Uranium: Residents accuse Army of covering up contamination Residents accuse Army of covering up contamination DEPLETED URANIUM: ‘The burden should be on the Army’ By NANCY COOK LAUER WES T HAWAII TODAY HILO — Four Hawaii residents charged the U.S. Army with trying to cover up its discovery of depleted uranium and then taking a cavalier attitude about cleaning it up… Read more »

AP: Clinton was met by protesters

The AP reported: Speaking on a hillside terrace at the East-West Center on the campus of the University of Hawaii, Clinton was met upon arrival by a few dozen protesters lining the street and shouting “End the wars!” and hoisting signs demanding that the U.S. withdraw its military forces from Okinawa. None attended the speech…. Read more »

Clinton: APEC meeting is a chance for Hawai’i to showcase its ‘diversity’

“Diversity”! I guess that’s our cue to bust out the flower shirts and grass skirts.  Cliches like “aloha spirit” and “diversity” have been so overused and abused by powerful interests in Hawai’i that they have lost their meaning, become empty, irritating and even dangerous ideas, weapons to be used against the rebellious.  When Native Hawaiians… Read more »