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Stryker brigade snag

Kudos to Joan Conrow for monitoring the depleted uranium (DU) issue at Schofield Barracks and writing a great article in the Honolulu Weekly.   The Army tried to move ahead with construction plans for the Stryker Brigade expansion in an area contaminated with DU.  But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) must approve all activity by the… Read more »

Army monitoring Kolekole Pass wildfire Army monitoring Kolekole Pass wildfire By Star-Advertiser Staff POSTED: 03:39 p.m. HST, Oct 15, 2010 Army firefighters are allowing a wildfire to burn on several ranges near Kolekole Pass. The fire began about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday at Range KR8 and is not threatening any facilities at this time, the U.S. Army Garrison said. Army… Read more »

“Stryker Advise and Assist Brigade”?

According to the Tacoma News Tribune the Hawai’i-based 2nd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division is now called the Stryker Advise and Assist Brigade: the Defense Department is using kinder, gentler terminology to describe its deployed units in Iraq, now that President Obama has pulled out all “combat” troops. For example, according to a casualty press release… Read more »

Missile programme raises concern in Hawaii Missile programme raises concern in Hawaii Posted at 04:30 on 09 September, 2010 UTC A Kauai resident in Hawaii says people are divided over the issue to expand a military missile programme to develop ballistic missile testing from the island. Juan Wilson says some residents support the military, saying it brings jobs and incomes… Read more »

Kaua’i missile site will expand

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports that “Garden Isle missile site will expand: Testing for a land-based defense system would bring a new complex to the island”: The Pentagon is planning a $278 million program to increase missile testing on Kauai that would improve the protection of Europe from ballistic missiles from countries such as Iran,… Read more »

Military plans to fence off firing range on Kaua’i

The AP reports that the Hawaii National Guard was granted approval by the Kau’i County Planning Commission to fence off a nearly 10-acre firing range in Kekaha.    The excuse: “to deter vandalism, to control access and to provide security.” The planned 6-foot-tall, 1.2-mile-long fence is to be topped with three strands of barbed wire…. Read more »

In Search of Real Security

Earlier this month, I was honored to  be invited to Kaua’i by Kaua’i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice to participate in a forum on ‘real security’.  The forum was important because it was one of the first public discussions that questioned the premise of the ‘security’ discourse of the government and reframed the question… Read more »

Navy refuses to allow public testimony at EIS Scoping meeting on Navy Expansion plans

Jim Albertini of Malu ‘Aina sent the following report from the Navy public scoping meetings in Hilo regarding planned expansion of its training and range complex in the Pacific.  The new control tactic of the military has been to use stations with information and subject matter “experts” to answer questions rather than hold public hearings… Read more »

Hawaii Independent: OHA considers legal action to protect cultural sites against Army Stryker vehicles

The Hawaii Independent reported that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is considering legal action to get the Army to protect Hawaiian cultural sites.    The report also exposes the fact that the Army Native Hawaiian liaison program and Native Hawaiian Advisory Council is a front for the Army that is incapable of standing up for Native… Read more »

Site visit to cultural sites threatened by Stryker brigade expansion in Lihu’e, O’ahu

Article and photos by Summer Nemeth On Wednesday, July 14, 2010, I received a call from Keona Mark, a cultural monitor with Garcia & Associates (GANDA) who has been working up at Lihue. She invited me to attend a site visit that Saturday (7/17) to see some ki’i pohaku (petroglyph rocks) that are threatened by… Read more »