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Inouye circumvents defense authorizers to fund missile defense project at PMRF Inouye seeks missile defense project By Roxana Tiron – 11/09/09 07:03 PM ET Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) is trying to bypass defense authorizers in order to fund a missile defense project in his state. Inouye wants to use $68.5 million from last year’s missile defense budget for the construction of an… Read more »

British coroner’s jury: DU killed soldier

British coroner’s jury: DU killed soldier Verdict raises questions for Hawaii soldiers and civilians By Alan D. Mcnarie Wednesday, September 23, 2009 2:10 PM HST As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission considers the army’s plan to leave depleted uranium shell debris in place at Pohakuloa Training Area and Schofield Barracks, it may have some new data… Read more »

Weapons of Mass Destruction exercises set for Kauai next week

“Weapons of Mass Destruction”?  On Kaua’i?  The article below states that  “Field exercises will take place on Thursday around Nawiliwili Harbor as well as at the Pacific Missile Range Facility.”   Did they mean missiles and Superferries? Or are they just training to suppress protest? >><< Updated at 1:46 p.m., Sunday, September 13, 2009 Weapons of Mass… Read more »

Army’s depleted uranium application now before NRC Army’s depleted uranium application now before NRC Updated at 9:05 pm, Thursday, August 27, 2009. Karin Stanton/Hawaii247 Contributing Editor The Nuclear Regulatory Commission began its review of the U.S. Army’s application to possess depleted uranium this week on the Big Island. The procedure to grant a license – and establishing any conditions to that… Read more »

‘Blowing in the Wind’ – Kona speaks out against DU ‘The Answer My Friend Is Blowing In The Wind’; Depleted Uranium At Pohakuloa And How The U.S. Military Seeks To Further Contaminate The Island 27 Aug 2009 By Megan Magdalene A meeting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in Kona last night, Aug. 26, 2009, brought out concerned citizens who testified before the Commission…. Read more »

Army applies for permit to ‘possess’ depleted uranium

Army applies for possession permit, says it cannot remove depleted uranium Aug 28, 2009 – 12:38 PM | by Austin Zavala | The Hawaii Independent | Ewa For years, U.S. Army has denied there being any use of depleted uranium weapons on training grounds in Hawaii, until two years ago when rounds were found dating… Read more »

Kona residents reject finding that DU at Pohakuloa poses no health risk

Residents Just say no Army’s depleted uranium claims questioned by Chelsea Jensen West Hawaii Today Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:42 AM HST Despite a report released by the U.S. Army in July saying that depleted uranium at the Pohakuloa Training Area poses no risk to the public, Big Island residents urged the Nuclear Regulatory… Read more »

Chain Reaction: Nuclear regulators hold hearings in the Islands after the Army’s depleted uranium problem is uncovered by chance

Joan Conrow wrote this excellent piece in the Honolulu Weekly about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meetings in Hawai’i to take comments on the Army’s application for a permit to “possess” nuclear material, in this case, Depleted Uranium (DU), since they don’t intend to clean up the DU that contaminates O’ahu and Hawai’i island. >><<… Read more »

Pohakuloa Radiation Hearings

Last night several of us attended the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) public informational meeting in Wahiawa related to DU contamination in Lihu’e (Schofield) and the Army’s application for an NRC license to “possess” the DU material.   The presentations were informative about the regulatory functions of the NRC.  But is was frustrating to learn the limited… Read more »

No cause for celebration

For some, statehood no cause for celebration By Michael Levine – The Garden Island Published: Friday, August 21, 2009 2:10 AM HST LIHU‘E – Fifty years ago, Hawai‘i became a state, and the people rejoiced. Well, not everybody. A half-century after becoming de-facto citizens of America’s 50th state, some Hawaiians still believe joining the union… Read more »