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Colorado chopper crash cost $25.8 million

As helicopters roar overhead en route from Pohakuloa to Wheeler, I received this article about a helicopter crash in Colorado  from Shannon Rudolph in Kona.   The Army is proposing to do High Altitude Mountainous Environment Terrain Training (HAMET) helicopter training on the slopes of Mauna Kea, which is a bad idea all around.  Mauna Kea… Read more »

One Creature That Deserves Extinction: the V-22 Osprey

John Feffer wrote the following article about the resistance to the expansion of the U.S. base in Takae, Okinawa.  Construction has commenced with forcible removal of protesters.  When protesters took their demands to the U.S. Embassy, several were arrested and physically assaulted.   Note that one of the aircraft being protested is the V-22 Osprey, the… Read more »

Please don’t build your telescope on Mauna Kea, Mr. Moore

The following letter is from Kealoha Pisciotta to Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel Corporation and a major backer of the TMT project (Stadium-sized telescope planned for Mauna Kea). Please don’t build your telescope on Mauna Kea, Mr. Moore An Open Letter to Intel’s Gordon Moore Aloha Mr. Moore. I first wish to… Read more »

Protect Mauna Kea

Eyes of the He’e Courtesy TMT International Observatory Mauna Kea, the sacred mountain of Wakea and Poliahu is again threatened by plans to construct a giant telescope there.  The so-called Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) would be the largest telescope in the world and a desecration to one of the most sacred temples in Hawai’i and… Read more »

The Army’s persistent Depleted Uranium problem in Hawai’i

Joan Conrow has written an excellent synopsis of the military’s depleted uranium (DU) contamination issue in Hawai’i on the Civil Beat website.   Here’s an excerpt of her article: The Army prohibited all training with DU in 1996; however, munitions containing DU remain in wide use. Although the Army for years denied that it had ever… Read more »

Navy blows up projectile at Hapuna Beach

Honolulu Star Advertiser reports: “Navy today exploded a World War II 16-inch unfused projectile that was found in the waters off Hapuna Beach on the Big Island’s Kohala coast.” … “The Navy hasn’t been able to determine its age or origin” … “The southern half of Hapuna Beach had been closed since Monday while the… Read more »

Hapuna Beach shut down because of suspected ordnance

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported today: The state Department of Land and Natural Resources shut down Hapuna State Recreation area in Kona today after a county lifeguard spotted an object suspected of being unexploded ordnance. Army ordnance experts were called in to investigate the cylindrical metal object partially buried in the sand.  There is good… Read more »

Generals clash on cause of April Osprey crash

Coming soon to Mokapu and Pohakuloa? Speak out against the Osprey invasion.   We need a predator fence against these invaders. >><< Generals clash on cause of April Osprey crash By Bruce Rolfsen – Staff writer Posted : Saturday Jan 22, 2011 10:12:48 EST In a rare public display of disunity, two generals are at… Read more »

Army clarifies its helicopter training operations for Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa

The Army must have been worried by the strong outcry against its proposed helicopter training on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.  They issued the following press release to “clarify” its plans.  Regardless of how the Army spins their intent, the public is clear that the HAMET is an expansion of military activity into a conservation… Read more »

Hawai’i Island Appeal for Solidarity

Activists from Hawai’i island issued an appeal for solidarity in the face of a massive military expansion planned for Pohakuloa.   Please send solidarity statements to Mahalo! >><< For Public Release concerning U.S. military training at Pohakuloa See list of individual signers below Further contact: Jim Albertini 966-7622 Contact: Malu `Aina Center for Non-violent Education… Read more »