Windward Residents Sound Off Against Military Fleet


Windward Residents Sound Off Against Military Fleet

Noise Increase Tops Concerns

POSTED: 9:52 pm HST August 26, 2010

HONOLULU — The military is proposing to move-in 24 Osprey aircrafts to the Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe, along with 18 Cobra attack choppers and nine Huey helicopters.

On Thursday night, windward residents spoke out against the plan at the King Intermediate School in Kaneohe

Residents said the community already bears the constant noise of aircrafts flying overhead throughout the day and night.

“I’m worried about quality of life,” said Kaneohe resident Guy Ballou. “These people have to live like this all day long its ridiculous.”

Along with the additional aircrafts, the military estimates a thousand uniformed personnel and 1100 family members will come too.

Residents fear the increase in population will add to the already competitive housing market.

“Our local people can’t afford to compete they can’t compete with the housing allowances that the military personnel get,” said Kaneohe resident Mahealani Cypher.

“I want the marines to have the best training in the world this isn’t the place for it they need to go some place else,” said Ballou.


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