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Marines Expose an Untold Number of People to Radiation at the Kane’ohe bay sandbar

Autumn.  Low tide. A group of people wading in shallow water in a row dangling line over the water.  Must be oama (baby goatfish) season, right? Wrong. These guys are not fishing for oama. These men are workers from the state of Hawaii Department of Health absurdly conducting a radiation screening of Ahu o Laka… Read more »

State allows public access on Ahu o Laka sandbar despite radiation leak

Using radiation monitors not designed to scan under water, the state determined that it was safe for the public to access the helicopter crash site in Kane’ohe Bay where radioactive Strontium 90 leaked out. The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports: The public will be allowed on the sandbar at Kaneohe Bay this holiday weekend despite concerns… Read more »

Mokoliʻi takes the lives to two soldiers

In the legend of Hiʻiakaikapoliopele, Hiʻiaka kills a monstrous moʻo (lizard/dragon) named Mokoliʻi.  Mokoliʻi island is its tail. As the Honolulu Star Advertiser reports, Mokoliʻi took the lives to two Schofield Barracks soldiers: 2 soldiers drown off Kualoa A group hits trouble on a return from Chinaman’s Hat By Gordon Y.K. Pang and Rob Shikina… Read more »

Another story about the radiation leak at Marine helicopter crash site

KHON TV carried a story about  the radiation leak at the site of a fatal Marine Corps helicopter crash in Kane’ohe Bay: Activist concerned about possible radioactive contamination at Kaneohe Sandbar Reported by: Andrew Pereira Updated: 8:28 am KANEOHE- Environmental activist Carroll Cox says a helicopter that crashed onto the Kaneohe Sandbar on the evening… Read more »

Radioactive strontium leaked into Kaneʻohe Bay from helicopter crash

Brooks Baehr reports on Hawaii News Now that the fatal Marine Corps helicopter crash in Kaneʻohe Bay in March, resulted in radioactive Strontium 90 leaking into the bay. But the Marines never notified anyone, not even the State Department of Health. Meanwhile, Hawaii News Now reports that a missile defense test failed to hit its… Read more »

Bringing war to your neighborhood

Bruce Gagnon alerted us to an article in the Jamaica Plan Gazette about secret training activities conducted by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in a Boston neighborhood: U.S. military commandos practiced raids in the shuttered Agassiz Elementary School last month, including a nighttime helicopter landing on the school’s roof, the Gazette has learned. The elite… Read more »

Stop the helicopter training on Mauna Kea

The Honolulu Star Advertiser article  “Delay in copter-training permit will cost $8 million, Army says” talks about the environmental assessment for army High-Altitude Mountainous Environment Training. (HAMET) for helicopters.  But why is it assumed that the army should naturally be allowed to encroach into ecologically and culturally sensitive areas on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa… Read more »

Pilot error caused copter crash

An army investigation of a 2009 helicopter crash at Wheeler Army Airfield that killed two pilots concluded that pilot error was the cause.  The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports: The trouble started within two seconds of the helicopter’s engine drive being disengaged from the rotors — the equivalent of putting a car transmission in neutral —… Read more »

Helicopter training on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Army-Native Hawaiian convenant and more military housing

The Army wants to conduct helicopter training exercises on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.   Jim Albertini of Malu ‘Aina issued the following call to oppose the Army’s High Altitude Mountainous Environment Training (HAMET) on the slopes of the sacred Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.  The Army had conducted these helicopter training exercises in the past… Read more »

Raptor wings clipped after Alaska crash

Here is another military expansion project in Hawai’i.   Senator Inouye’s strategy has been to pack as much construction and long-term capital improvements into the military budget for Hawai’i as a way to prolong the military’s presence and his influence over the shape of Hawai’i’s future long after he is gone. It’s about his legacy.  The… Read more »