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Leaked document reveals military knew Balad Air Base troops were exposed to toxic chemicals

Here’s another reason why, as the people of Vieques, Puerto Rico say “History does not allow us to trust what  the military says.”  Agent Orange.  Depleted Uranium. Project 112/SHAD.   Atomic and nuclear veterans.   Makua valley – Army was supposed to return the land 6 months after WWII.  Wahiawa and Pohakuloa – depleted uranium was discovered,… Read more »

Balad Air Base troops exposed to toxic smoke, military downplays health risks

Report cites low health risk from burn pits By Kelly Kennedy – Staff writer Posted : Wednesday Dec 24, 2008 16:46:03 EST The Army staff sergeant began running long distances when she was 7 years old. A born overachiever, she made E-6 in eight years in her job as a truck driver. She ran six-minute… Read more »


This is an important article from Rachel’s Democracy and Health News discussing the impossibility of continuing to make economic decisions based on risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis.  Cumulative impacts on the environment have brought the planet to the brink of irreversible ecological collapse.  But policy makers continue to ignore cumulative impacts analysis and precautionary principle… Read more »

New York Times article on the EPA Perchlorate report

The New York Times January 1, 2009 Error Seen in E.P.A. Report on Contaminant By FELICITY BARRINGER The Environmental Protection Agency failed to follow its own guidelines and made a basic error in evaluating how a toxic contaminant in rocket fuel harms human health, according to a report by the agency’s inspector general. The contaminant,… Read more »

Perchlorate: EPA’s Office of the Inspector General calls for cumulative risk assessment

Perchlorate is a toxic chemical that blocks the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland, which leads to many types of metabolic disorders and problems with children whose mothers were exposed while pregnant. It is a chemical used in rockets and fertilizer. In the U.S. 90% of perchlorate contamination comes from the military and aerospace… Read more »

Monitoring Depleted Uranium

Note: This is an old article, but it is still relevant. The Army is refusing to clean up the DU contamination in Schofield Barracks. Monitoring depleted uranium Protecting the public against exposure By Kristine Kubat Wednesday, February 28, 2007 9:10 AM HST While weapons made with depleted uranium can penetrate any substance known to man,… Read more »

Shad Kane: Pu’uloa: Where once there was life…

This essay from the Honolulu Advertiser blog by Shad Kane gives a history and cultural interpretation of Ke awa lau o Pu’uloa (aka Pearl Harbor). >><< Pu’uloa: Where Once There Was Life… December 1st, 2008 by Shad Aia i Keawalauopu’uloa he kai hāuliuli ….. ‘o neia lā he pōuliuli There at Pu’uloa the sea… Read more »

Marshall Islander Speaks Out Against Missile Defense Tests

By Que Keju I first witnessed missiles being launched from Kwajalein Island in the 1960s. The beaches of Ebeye Island, an islet about 5 miles north of Kwajalein, would be swamped with both children and adults each time a launch was scheduled. It was always a spectacular scene each time-fire works, at its best. Ten… Read more »

Waianae compost plan hits turbulence Vol. 11, Issue 229 – Thursday, August 17, 2006 Waianae compost plan hits turbulence The firm faces a chicken-and-egg dilemma By Diana Leone An Oahu company wants to turn household garbage into compost in Nanakuli but faces opposition from Waianae residents, skepticism from city officials and questions from state health officials. Bedminster Oahu… Read more »


=======================Electronic Edition======================== RACHEL’S HAZARDOUS WASTE NEWS #224 —March 13, 1991— News and resources for environmental justice. —— Environmental Research Foundation P.O. Box 5036, Annapolis, MD 21403 Fax (410) 263-8944; Internet: ========== The Back issues and Index are available here. The official RACHEL archive is here. It’s updated constantly. To subscribe, send E-mail to rachel-… Read more »