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Army settles Hawaii culture lawsuit

The Associated Press Posted : Tuesday Nov 18, 2008 6:09:54 EST HONOLULU — The Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Army announced Monday that they have settled an OHA lawsuit filed in 2006 over the establishment of a Stryker brigade and its impact on Native Hawaiian cultural resources. OHA representatives and a neutral archaeologist accompanied… Read more »

Anti-Bases Coalition Pushes U.S. Military Base out of Ecuador

Anti-Bases Coalition Pushes U.S. Military Base out of Ecuador By Helga Serrano November 5, 2008 Translated from: Coalición No Bases logra la salida de Base Militar de EEUU de Ecuador Translated by: Annette Ramos Note: The following is Helga Serrano’s report about the case of Ecuador presented at the Second Encounter for the Demilitarization of… Read more »

Full Moon Over Okinawa November 4, 2008 Nuchi du Takara Full Moon Over Okinawa By DOUG LUMMIS The Tenth Annual Okinawa Full Moon Festival will be held at Sedake Beach, northern Okinawa, November 8 and 9.  This is a festival of traditional, folk, and rock music in protest of – or better, in celebration of the opposition to… Read more »

Superferrry builder lands a big military contract

The Austal corporation, builder of the two Hawaii Superferry ships has just won a $1.6 billion Joint High Speed Vessel contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to build up to ten similarly designed transport ships.  Joan Conrow has several interesting posts on this on her blog.  The nasty comments from some indicate that the… Read more »

Women Building Genuine Security

This is an excellent description of the International Women’s Network Against Militarism by Gwyn Kirk, one of the founding members. Building Genuine Security: The International Women’s Network Against Militarism Gwyn Kirk We are very pleased to have the following description of our Network included in this issue of Feminist Africa because of our concern… Read more »

Chagos exiles cannot return to Diego Garcia

This from the BBC.  A terrible outcome from the House of Lords for Chagos islanders seeking to return to their island Diego Garcia.  The U.S. uses Diego Garcia as a strategic military base from which to launch attacks in the Middle East and as a secret prison for special renditions. *** Chagos exiles ‘cannot return’… Read more »

Big win for war resisters – Lt. Watada can’t be retried October 22, 2008 Army can’t retry Watada for refusal to serve in Iraq war Judge blocks Army from retrying war objector on three main allegations Advertiser Staff and News Services SEATTLE – A federal judge ruled late yesterday that the Army cannot retry 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the Kalani High graduate who was the… Read more »

Don’t choke – here comes more Stryker pork

October 20, 2008 Stryker project will create jobs in Hawaii 1,000 or more will be employed, officials say, for massive project By William Cole Advertiser Military Writer SCHOFIELD BARRACKS – The massive Stryker brigade project, one of the biggest Army efforts in Hawai’i since World War II, is getting back on track after four years… Read more »

Schofield soldier who broke into UH dorms now linked to Waikiki rape August 26, 2008 Schofield soldier who broke into UH dorms now linked to Waikiki rape By Jim Dooley Advertiser Staff Writer The soldier convicted in a series of dorm-room invasions at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa has been linked by DNA to an unsolved Waikïkï rape, according to an indictment returned this morning. Mark Heath,… Read more »