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Illegal Wai’anae dump being investigated

Posted on: Saturday, July 18, 2009 Illegal dumping at Waianae landfill being investigated State investigating how illegal dump was allowed to operate secretly for years By Will Hoover Advertiser Wai’anae Coast Writer The state Departments of Health and Hawaiian Home Lands have begun investigating a large illegal landfill in a remote region of Wai’anae Valley… Read more »

Wai’anae Community Forum on Environmental Justice

Why is everyone dumping their ‘opala on Wai’anae? What is being done to address these problems? What can we do as a community? Please come to our Community Forum on Environmental Justice Friday July 17 Thursday, 2009 Wai’anae Library (85-625 Farrington Highway) 6 to 8 p.m. Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae will be sharing and… Read more »

Illegal landfill yields clues

July 12, 2009 Illegal landfill yields clues Years-old dump in Wai’anae filled with hazardous waste By Will Hoover Advertiser Wai’anae Coast Writer The state Department of Health is trying unravel the mystery of who’s behind a large illegal landfill in a remote region in Wai’anae. For years, the site has been the end point of… Read more »

Wai’anae Aunties Expose Illegal Dump site

The Concerned Elders of Wai’anae, one of the core groups of the Wai’anae Environmental Justice Working Group, discovered and reported an illegal dump site in Wai’anae.  It appears that construction and demolition debris has been dumped in a remote corner of land near the Lualualei Naval Magazine on Department of Hawaiian Home Lands land.  Ka… Read more »

City official says Mailiili Stream “was not used as a dump site”

A City official said that the illegal dumping of concrete debris in Mailiili Stream was to create a “temporary path”.  But they dumped this material over the course of two years!  Take a look at this photo below.  How temporary does it look to you?  The City did not obtain the required permit to dump… Read more »

City Dumps Debris in Wai’anae Stream

Carroll Cox of EnviroWatch reported the City and County of Honolulu’s illegal dumping of concrete debris in Mailiili Stream in Wai’anae. On June 30, 2009, Cox spoke to students from the summer environmental justice institute Ka Makani Kai’aulu o Wai’anae and gave a tour of environmental justice impacts he has documented in the Wai’anae area.  … Read more »

“Several thousand” chemical munitions in “long trails” off Wai’anae

Photo: Terry Kerby/ Hawaii Undersea Research Lab A University of Hawaii deep-diving submersible examines munitions discarded five miles south of the entrance to Pearl Harbor. UH and Army scientists spent 15 days earlier this month mapping the location of munitions dumped in the ocean at a deep-sea disposal site off Oahu. Army analyzes data from… Read more »

Washed Ashore

Washed ashore Keith Bettinger Apr 11, 2007 It’s a refrain that has become frighteningly familiar: Relics of a long forgotten military operation turn up where they aren’t supposed to be, causing alarm in the community. An often frustrating and fruitless quest for answers follows, further straining the relationship between the civilian population of Hawai’i and… Read more »

Waianae compost plan hits turbulence Vol. 11, Issue 229 – Thursday, August 17, 2006 Waianae compost plan hits turbulence The firm faces a chicken-and-egg dilemma By Diana Leone An Oahu company wants to turn household garbage into compost in Nanakuli but faces opposition from Waianae residents, skepticism from city officials and questions from state health officials. Bedminster Oahu… Read more »