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Soldier Arrested for flashing girls in Mililani

Suspected Flasher Arrested By: Mari-Ela David MILILANI (KHNL) – There’s been a recent rash of crime near Mililani High School, but Honolulu police say they’ve made at least one arrest to keep the area safe. Officers arrested a man at Schofield Tuesday morning. 23-year-old Kenneth Stanley is suspected of flashing females ages 12 to 16…. Read more »

Airborne – depleted uranium in Hawai’i

Airborne The lowdown on depleted uranium in Hawai’i Keith Bettinger Jun 13, 2007 ‘Damage control’ has taken on a new meaning over the past year as military officials grapple with episode after episode of discarded and forgotten munitions. In addition to the tons of chemical weapons dumped offshore and conventional weapons of unknown origin resting… Read more »

Hawaiian Star Wars

Hawaiian Star Wars John Lasker / Mar 7, 2007 In January, a Chinese missile snarled and flashed its fangs 500-miles above the earth’s surface. China, in a show of its space war-fighting capabilities, had obliterated one its own weather satellites with a ground-based missile interceptor. Later that month, while still in the fall-out of China’s… Read more »

DU Exposed!

Posted on: Friday, January 6, 2006 Schofield uranium find prompts call for probe By Rod Ohira Advertiser Staff Writer A coalition of environmental and Native Hawaiian rights groups are calling for an independent investigation and disclosure by the Army of depleted uranium munitions use in Hawai’i based on recently obtained information confirming its presence at… Read more »

Army lied about DU in Hawai’i

Uranium revelation upsets isle activists Army e-mails detailing the presence of spent metal at Schofield are troubling, critics say By Rosemarie Bernardo SEVERAL environmental and native Hawaiian groups are accusing the Army of misleading the public after the groups discovered that a heavy metal known as depleted uranium was recovered at Schofield Barracks’ range… Read more »

University vulnerable to pitfalls of secret experiments Sunday, March 27, 2005 University vulnerable to pitfalls of secret experiments By Beverly Deepe Keever Special to the Star-Bulletin It was 37 years ago that James Oshita and William Fraticelli were regularly drenched with the cancer-causing Agent Orange on the Kauai Agriculture Research Station. They performed the core part of the University of Hawaii’s… Read more »

Kauai at odds over missile tests

U.S. Navy photo A Vandal, which simulates a supersonic cruise missile, is launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility at Nohili. Kauai at odds over missile tests Officials like the economic contributions,but protesters have a bevy of concerns By Gregg K. Kakesako Star-Bulletin BARKING SANDS, Kauai — The sand-swept dunes and vast ocean waters of… Read more »