Soldier Arrested for flashing girls in Mililani

Suspected Flasher Arrested

By: Mari-Ela David

MILILANI (KHNL) – There’s been a recent rash of crime near Mililani High School, but Honolulu police say they’ve made at least one arrest to keep the area safe.

Officers arrested a man at Schofield Tuesday morning. 23-year-old Kenneth Stanley is suspected of flashing females ages 12 to 16.

He faces charges of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault. Stanley was wearing fatigues, but Schofield could not confirm Tuesday that he is a soldier.

Although police have nabbed a suspected flasher, two men who tried to kidnap two girls on separate occasions are still on the loose.

In light of the recent crime, school leaders urge all students to stay on alert.

Within the last five months near Mililani High School, men have targeted female students. One man tried to kidnap a teen last week. Another attempted kidnapping happened in April. Now, a man is in custody for alledgedly flashing girls near Mililani and Aiea schools.

“You don’t hear about stuff like that happening in Mililani so it’s just kind of scary,” says Mililani High School graduate Jessica Dodd.

In light of the crimes, staff issued letters warning students not to walk alone.

“Even though they’re in high school and they think that they’re safe, they need to be with buddies all the time. We told them to carry whistles and different things to attract attention if they need it,” says Mililani High School Principal Dr. John Brummel.

“I’ve been able to walk the streets at 12:00 in the night and nobody has ever bothered me and something like this happens, it makes me think a lot about walking by myself,” says Dodd.

Dr. Brummel says the community has also stepped in to help protect students.

“We’ve had parents that wanted to come in and do self-defense classes for kids and they knew of contacts and so we’ve had all kinds of support from the community since this has happened,” he says.

That support is what staff says students still need, judging by the handful of students who continue to walk to and from school by themselves.

Police aren’t sure if the man they nabbed Tuesday is the same person who flashed two female students two weeks ago.

Stanley is being held on $7000 bail.


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