Hawaiʻi premier of “Jam Docu Gangjeong” documentary about Jeju island struggle

Hawai’i Peace and Justice in collaboration with Hawai‘i Women in Filmmaking and DMZ Hawai’i / Aloha ‘Aina invite you to come see Documentary Film Shorts “Jam Docu Gangjeong” premiering for the first time in Hawai‘i will be shown at The ARTS at Marks Garage on March 17, 2012 6:30-8 PM in a free screening Light refreshment will be offered.   (You can download the announcement and press release.)

“Jam Docu Gangjeong” poster 3-17-12

Gangjeong Mar.17,2012 press release

When the South Korean government decided to build a naval base on the site of Gangjeong Village, a notice was sent out in 2007 and a quick vote taken (measured by applause) with a turnout out of a few dozen residents, out of a population of over 1000 and the measure approved. When the villagers realized what they had agreed to, they booted the mayor out of office, elected a new mayor who opposed the base and have been struggling against proposed naval construction ever since.  In a subsequent vote the same year 724 villagers voted against construction of the naval base. Gangjeong Village has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere reserve, and Jeju island a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Yet this conflict rages on and its fate may be decided soon. A group of filmmakers created a cluster of shorts that tell the story of the conflict at Gangjeong Village from different perspectives, but also portray the natural unique beauty of the coast of the northernmost semi-tropical island in the world. Banned from theater showings for 40 days by the Korean Film Commission, Jam Docu Gangjeong just recently received approval (January 31st) for showing in South Korea.

An update: Many of you are aware of the crisis on Jeju island at the village of Gangjeong, which was selected as the site for the construction of a South Korean naval base for use by the South Korean and U.S. military.  Most likely within the next 24 hours it will be decided whether 400,000 tons of explosives will be dropped on the islet of Gureombi just off the coast by Gangjeong village.  Please support the villagers struggling to protect their island from destruction!  Here is an action alert that came out today.

Action Alert:

Dear friends,

Thank you for taking action yesterday. Emails made a huge difference.

Today, Governor Woo of Jeju Island demanded postponing the blasting of the sacred Gureombi rocks, but the South Korean Ministry of Defense has refused to comply and is violating Korean law by moving forward in the project without the consent of the governor.

The blast is set for “around March 8,” Korea time. That’s Wednesday for those of us on this side of the Int’l. Dateline.

Several buses carrying dozens of riot police have been shipped in from the Korean mainland to handle protestors anticipated at the blast of Gureombi Rocks. The blast will require 400,000 tons of explosives.

Meanwhile, the S. Korean Ministry of Defense says, “The Jeju naval base is an important national project linked directly to national security. Unnecessary debates and social conflicts should be stopped for the construction to normalize as soon as possible.”

If you have not already done so, please send a letter asap to the following officials to STOP THE BLAST OF GUREOMBI ROCKS! STOP THE NAVAL BASE CONSTRUCTION! Also send your letter to the nearest South Korean embassy. (A list of embassies follows.)


To your Excellency, the President of the Republic of Korea, and to other heads of state, departments and consulates:

People from all over the world are shocked and disturbed that the government of South Korea would consider building a navy base on Jeju Island. It is a moral crime to cover Jeju’s fertile farmlands with concrete, and to destroy its rare, soft-coral reef. The Gangjeong villagers depend on their farms to live, and the planet depends on healthy reefs to live.

Jeju-do is sacred to all the people of the world, not only to the Korean people. Please do not allow Jeju Island to become militarized. If current tensions between China and the U.S. escalate in the South China Sea, if there is a naval base, the first target of attack by China will be Jeju Island. Please stop the militarization of Peace Island.

The South Korean government needs to listen to its people and not build a base to port US Navy Aegis missile destroyers and aircraft carriers. Please protect Peace Island and DO NOT BLAST THE GUREOMBI ROCKS! STOP CONSTRUCTION OF THE NAVY BASE!


(your name here)



Mr. Kim Kwan-Jin

Minister, Ministry of National Defense

No. 1, Yongsan-dong 3-ga

Yongsan-gu, Seoul # zip: 140-701


Tel: +82 2 748 1111 / +82-02-795-0071 (in the MND website above)

Fax: +82 2 748 6895 / + 82-02-703-3109 (in the MND website above)

E-mail: cyber@mnd.go.kr



Mr. Lee Myung-Bak


1 Sejong-no, Jongno-gu

Seoul, 110-820


Fax: +82 2 770 4751

Email: foreign@president.go.kr or president@cwd.go.kr or president@president.go.kr


Mr. Woo Keun-Min


The government of Jeju-do

312-1, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do


Fax: +82 64 710 3009

E-mail: jejumaster@jeju.go.kr



Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the UN

New York



Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

Los Angeles



Consulate General of the Republic of Korea




Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

New York



Consulate General of the Republic of Korea




Consulate General of the Republic of Korea




Consulate General of the Republic of Korea




Consulate General of the Republic of Korea




Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

San Francisco



Consulate Agency of the Republic of Korea

Hagatna, Guam



South Korea Embassy

Washington, DC



Consulate of the Republic of Korea

Tamuning, Guam


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