Sailor arrested in shotgun stand-off in an apparent suicide attempt

Last week Thursday, a Hawaiʻi sailor was arrested after a standoff with a shotgun. He was arrested on suspicion of four counts of terroristic threatening and two counts of firearms offenses.  The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported “Navy sailor armed with shotgun arrested after standoff in Moanalua Terrace” (August 23, 2012):

A 22-year-old Pearl Harbor sailor armed with a shotgun surrendered to police at about 12:45 p.m. Thursday, ending a barricade situation at his home in Moana­lua Terrace Navy Housing.

The Navy petty officer arrived home just before noon and allegedly threatened the people there — his wife and at least two other women and two to three babies, Hono­lulu police Maj. William Chur said.

The man’s wife remained inside while the other women picked up the children and ran out, Chur said.

Associated Press “Pearl Harbor sailor ends standoff, surrenders” (August 24, 2012), reported:

A 22-year-old Hawaii sailor was taken into custody after a standoff that required evacuating homes at Moanalua Terrace Navy Housing.

Police say the Pearl Harbor sailor was armed with a shotgun when he arrived home Wednesday afternoon and threatened his wife, along with other women and babies inside.

Today, the AP also reports that the sailor will not be prosecuted.

But according to Hawaii News Now “Hostage Stand-off Ends Peacefully” (August 28, 2012), the sailor was suffering from depression after a second deployment. Is it another case of post traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD), the human and social costs of war?:

The 22-year-old new mother asked Hawaii News Now not to reveal her last name. She says her husband has struggled with major depression since returning home from his second deployment. “He came in with the gun and said this is no way to live and that I should say good-bye to him and just let him do it,” she said.

Staying calm enough to talk her husband down from his distressed mental state, she helped police resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt. “He’s really been struggling with isolation, major sadness and loss of interest in things he normally loves, “said the navy sailor’s wife.


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