Artillery training at Schofield responsible for overnight booming noises

Last week, residents of Oʻahu as far away as Kailua complained of loud noises up to midnight.  Hawaii News Now reported that Army training at Schofield was responsible for the noises (“Artillery training at Schofield responsible for overnight booming noises” January 31, 2013):

Army officials issued a noise advisory for Schofield Barracks on Thursday, saying that residents “in the immediate vicinity” of the base may experience periodic increases in noise during daylight hours between January 31 and February 20, 2013.

After an inquiry by Hawaii News Now, it was determined that the training exercises were also responsible for noises that were heard for hours prior to midnight on Thursday.

Residents from as far away as Diamond Head and Kailua reported hearing the noises, according to posts on the Hawaii News Now Facebook page.

“The Army in Hawaii appreciates your understanding and continued support of our Soldiers and family members,” reads a statement from U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. “While sometimes loud, the sounds of training represent how the Army ensures our nation’s Soldiers are ready to accomplish the mission and return home safely.”

Concerned about Army noise, um, I mean the sounds of mission readiness?  Call the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii Noise Concern Line at 656-3487.

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