Amphibious vehicle sinks off Waimanalo

Military Vehicle Sinks During Exercise

Written by KGMB9 News –

January 13, 2009 07:10 PM

Strong surf is being blamed for a Marine Assault Amphibian Vehicle sinking off the Bellows Training area.

The AAV, similar to this one sunk just after 6:30 Monday night.

Military officials say no one was hurt, and that a large wave caused the vehicle to hit the reef.

The AAV then started to take on water before it lost power. It sank about 200 yards off shore.

The coast guard is helping with the recovery operation to pull the vehicle out of the water.



Why is the Philippine Military has no enough amphibious vehicles that can go through tough and heavy floods??? Is there any plan to buy some??? What the FACT that we have only 2 of them’…

Pls BUY some, in the United States’..xD^^,


We can assume that the current President of the United States can give some vehicles for easy evacuation plans on the way!!!

tnx^^, xD

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