Navy Wants to Bomb the Gulf of Alaska?!


The Eyak Preservation Council, an organization formed in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, is dedicated to:

grassroots environmental and social change organization dedicated to promoting sustainable communities and protecting and preserving wild salmon habitat and Indigenous culture in the ancestral Eyak homelands of the Prince William Sound and Copper River watersheds.

They are now fighting the Navy which wants to conduct live fire exercises in the Gulf of Alaska where the salmon grow to maturity.

The Navy is planning summer training exercises in the Gulf of Alaska for up to 42 days annually from April to October for a five-year period.

These “war games” will involve use of high-frequency and mid-frequency sonar for submarine exercises, plus a wide variety of live weapons and explosives – bombs, heavy deck guns, torpedoes, missiles, large carrier strikes (ships will be blown up & sunk; none of which will ever be recovered).

Click HERE to Sign their petition

And visit the Eyak Preservation Council website: and see the links to letters on the left side of the page or call: 907-424-5890.



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Emily Stolarcyk

Hi Kyle! Someone else in Hawaii directed me to this page! Awesome!! Thanks for the post…I might mention one thing though – the petition you are linking to isn’t mine. I need people to send letters, but it is just as easy as sending a petition. Please tell folks to visit here: and see the links to letters on the left side of the page. Thanks Kyle! Let me know if you have any questions 907-424-5890

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