Security Without Empire: National Organizing Conference on Foreign Military Bases

Security Without Empire:

National Organizing Conference on Foreign Military Bases

American University,

Washington, D.C.

Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 2009

Join Us at the Security Without Empire Conference

There is a sense of relief that many here in the U.S. feel after the presidential election, but we understand this is a time to step up our organizing for peace and economic justice—including the growing movement to close and withdraw the nearly 1,000 U.S. military bases located in foreign nations.

From Okinawa and Guam to Honduras, Germany, Iraq, and beyond people who have suffered from the abuses inherent to foreign military bases have been calling for their withdrawal. People in the U.S. have joined this call, outraged by the damage done by U.S. bases abroad and by their expense, which diverts $138 billion a year from addressing human needs and revitalizing our economy.

Representatives of 15 organizations have come together to organize a national conference for the closing and withdrawal of military bases. The goals of the conference are:

• Share information about U.S. foreign military bases and resistance;

• Develop new strategies and expand the U.S. anti-bases movement;

• Integrate anti-bases organizing into a more coherent movement;

• Raise the visibility of the U.S. and international anti-bases movements;

• Apply pressure on Congress;

• Close and reduce the number of foreign bases.

The conference will feature base opponents from many “host” nations and will include leading activists as keynote speakers, panelists and workshop facilitators.

Monday, March 2, will be a lobbying day on Capitol Hill, in which we encourage as many conference attendees as possible to participate. We’ll provide talking points and group leaders.

For more info contact:

(617) 661-6130.

National Project on U.S. Military Bases
National Project on U.S. Military Bases

Participating Organizations:

• American Friends Service Committee
• American University Department of Anthropology
• CodePink
• Fellowship of Reconciliation
• Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
• Granny Peace Brigade
• Institute for Leadership Development and Study of Pacific Asian North American Religion at Pacific School of Religion
• Institute for Policy Studies
• International Women’s Network Against Militarism
• Peace Action
• Southwest Workers Union
• U.S. Peace Council
• United for Peace & Justice
• Veterans For Peace
• Women for Genuine Security

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