Unexploded Ordnance removed from Kaua’i yard

Ordnance is removed from yard

HANAMAULU, Kauai » An old, unexploded piece of ordnance sat in a front yard for decades before an elderly woman turned it over to police last week, Kauai officials said.

On Dec. 8, Kauai police received a call for assistance Monday from a woman who wanted to remove a large artillery shell from her home, police said yesterday.

According to the woman, the shell, with its primer and warhead still intact, was found by a family member 20 or 25 years ago at the Marine Camp in Nukolii and had been sitting in her front yard since then, officials said.

The M-79 armor piercing round, almost 3 feet high, was removed by police and kept securely until yesterday, when the Army 706 Explosive Unit detonated the shell at the KPD Firing Range, county officials added.

Source: http://www.starbulletin.com/news/20081213_Police__Fire.html

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