Rock the Boat: A Consciousness-Rising Concert for Social Change

The Collective for Equality, Justice, and Empowerment (CEJE), will be hosting a concert and networking party for progressives/progressive orgs:


Rock the Boat: A Consciousness-Rising Concert for Social Change

Saturday, April 4, 2009

4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Hemenway Courtyard/ Manoa Gardens, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

It would mean very much to our collective to have each of you there, as the purpose of the concert/party is to create a safe, loving, and entertaining space to share stories, information, and awareness, on our given work, and to open up channels between us that will allow our energy and anti-oppression work to be become more powerful in connection with others.’

Thus, we welcome you to bring any and all information (brochures, literature, art, etc) on the issues that you/your orgs/departments/offices, address in the local/national/global community. We will have tables set up for you to make a safe educational enclave in the midst of the party 🙂

Lastly, if you are down to just come out, have fun, and share your light, by all means, come and do so! Your presence means the most. Attached is a flyer with details.

The Collective for Equality, Justice, and Empowerment, a.k.a. CEJE (pronounced “siege”), is a student-run Registered Independent Organization based in Honolulu , at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. CEJE is an open collective which welcomes and encourages intergenerational and inter/intracultural activism among a wide range of anti-oppressive groups, both on campus and in the larger local, national, and international community.

This collective serves as a safe space for individual and community decolonization, critical discussion, and creative, holistic exploration of liberatory art and activism.

We aim to utilize our resources in the university community to in order to serve as a bridging mechanism between academia and activism. We are currently engaged with two primary internal committees, the LGBTQIA Committee, and the Reproductive Justice/End Structural Violence Committee.

Founded by US women of color, third world women, indigenous women, and allies of these communities- CEJE is an egalitarian collective that works to illuminate and nurture networks of community organizations and individuals, who share common progressive visions while advocated for through specific issue areas. Our goal is to bring people together in solidarity, while engaging our own social locations and identities-in order to non-violently challenge and dismantle the politically, economically, biologically, culturally, and environmentally-ecologically oppressive and violent systems and institutions that have kept us divided, and nearly conquered, for generations. Through recovering genealogies, sharing our narratives, and moving forward as agents on behalf of our ancestors and future descendants-our hope is for a better world.

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