Main Charge Disruptor

This manual was posted on wikileaks. It explains procedures for disposing of unexploded ordnance using shaped charge Main Charge Disruptor that is designed to penetrate the ordnance and burn out the explosive material with minimal detonation. This means that they could use this method to minimize dispersal of contaminated soil or damage to sites. Are they using these methods in Makua, Pohakuloa, Vieques?

US Explosive Ordnance Disposal Procedures, Ordnance Low-Order Disruption Techniques; Main Charge Disruptor, TM 60A-2-1-73-5, 23 Jun 2000

For Official Use Only manual on how to use the main charge disruptor ordnance disposal tool. It is a continual disgrace that these manuals are keep secret, since they can be used to clean up failed bombs in Cambodia, Veitnam, Iraq and other conflict areas.

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