“Secret Japan-US nuclear deal” revealed

US nuke-weapons have a Free Pass to enter Japan

“Secret Japan-US nuclear deal” revealed

June 1, 2009, a Japanese former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ryohei Murata, and other 3 former Vice-Ministers admitted the existence of a “Secret Nuclear Deal” between the U.S. and Japan in Japanese news papers.

The long standing agreement has allowed U.S. war vessels and aircraft to bring nuclear weapons into Japan, totally in violation of the 3 Non-Nuclear Principles –to neither possess, manufacture, nor allow nuclear weapons to enter the country.

The Japanese government has denied the existence of such an agreement since 1960, but many citizens and peace activists have maintained outright skepticism. The ex Vice Minister’s revelation is another jolt to government credibility, both for the many years of secrecy, and for the serious violation of nuclear prohibitions.

Source: http://www.jpkenpo.us/News.en.html

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