Gang-rape trial ends in prison term, probation

The accused rapists are members of the military-associated hip hop group/gang known as ABYSS.


ABYSS is a family comprised of fifteen (15) members. This includes eight (8) rappers (Masterful Shabbar, Pnal, Blac Mist, Gilla, Soul Sorcerer, Vonstar Killaton, Zodiac Killah, & A-Killah), A Production & Publishing team (Redbone Production & Publishing), Management (ABYSS Entertainment), & a Record Co. (A-NA Wreckards). This makes a total of nine (9) acts; one as an entire group & eight (8) solo acts. A.B.Y.S.S. =A band of young swift soloists.

Being that members’ roots lie in such diverse parts of this country (i.e. New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Oakland, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Tacoma, Louisiana, L.A., & even Hawaii), each member offers distinct influence which in total creates and cultivates this strong founded sound, which is of its own, in a class of its own. The songs, solely produced by ABYSS, offers an insight into the life, ideas & ideals of ABYSS, presented in truth, delivered with an unprecedented fluidity, these depictions serve as the voice(s) of ABYSS.

It is often said that ABYSS has been blessed with apocalyptic & prophetic attributes expressed deeply within its songs. Whether through freestyling or a recording, live or not, with the innate ability to manifest raw unadulterated Hip-Hop, ABYSS proves to be among the cream. It is fact, clear & evident, that this industry awaits relief & refreshment from the monotonous & mediocre. The world impatiently awaits! With hard-hitting lyrics, diverse subject matter & lyrical content, & a music style unlike any other, ABYSSmen have the cure – ABYSS!

ABYSS, which cannot be measured, is not set as the measure itself. Hearing is believing!!


Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Gang-rape trial ends in prison term, probation

By Debra Barayuga

One man convicted in the 1998 gang-rape of a 17-year-old girl is sentenced to prison while another defendant receives probation.

Judge Sandra Simms yesterday sentenced Mario Crawley, 28, to two 10-year terms for second-degree assault and second-degree attempted assault, to be served concurrently.

Habib Shabazz, 22, was given probation and allowed to return to the Big Island, but not before Simms delivered a stinging rebuke and a promise to lock him up if he fails to abide by the court’s conditions.

“If you screw this up, you will be at Halawa (Community Correctional Facility),” Simms said.

The two were convicted by a jury in March of lesser sexual assault charges in the October 1998 attack at a Waikiki hotel room. The men contended the sex was consensual.

The state had argued the girl exercised poor judgment by agreeing to go to their hotel room, but that didn’t mean she lost her right to say “No” to sex.

Crawley yesterday said he is appealing the conviction and that more of the truth has yet to be revealed.

Crawley’s attorney, Michael Green, yesterday argued that the facts in the case did not warrantan extended or consecutive term. Crawley is currently serving time for a firearms offense.

Deputy Prosecutor Jean Ireton noted that Crawley’s past shows a history of “thumbing his nose at the court” and asked that he serve an extended 20-year term of incarceration, to be served consecutively, and a minimum three years and four months for being a repeat felony offender.

Simms noted that while the jury did not convict the men of first-degree sex assault as charged, “there is credible evidence on the record to support their finding” for second-degree assault.

While the facts about the incident were “disturbing, offensive,” she agreed with Green that it didn’t rise to a level that called for an extended sentence.

Simms did feel, however, that Crawley deserved a minimum term of imprisonment of three years and four months.

It will be up to the Hawaii Paroling Authority to decide how long he will actually serve.

As for Shabazz, the state contended that his refusal to take responsibility for his actions or acknowledge that the incident happened “argued strongly for prison time,” Ireton said. Shabazz was on probation for a burglary conviction on the Big Island that occurred shortly after he turned 18.

Shabazz, Crawley and a codefendant who was acquitted have been identified as belonging to Abyss, whose members have been arrested for promoting prostitution and drugs.

What angered her most, Simms said, was that Shabazz had the resources and supportive family that many other defendants who come before her don’t have, but he didn’t take advantage of it.

“You blew off your family, you blew off this court,” she told Shabazz.


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