Marines seek expansion in Pohakuloa

The Hawaii Tribune Herald reports that the Marine Corps seeks expanded training facilities in Pohakuloa:

The proposed upgrades are designed to simulate conditions that Marines face in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other trouble spots around the world.

A draft environmental assessment set for release Sunday, prepared by the Marine Corps, proposes that the Marines develop a 6.2-mile long convoy live-fire range, complete with simulated roadside bombs and pop-up moving targets. This range would be located on the slopes of Mauna Loa, near the southern edge of Pohakuloa.

A “modular military operations in urban terrain” training facility would simulate urban combat. The Marines would place modified shipping containers on a 19-acre site around Pu’u Lehue, near the northern boundary of PTA. Seven clusters of containers would simulate various urban settings, including marketplaces, residential areas and town squares. This facility would involve the use of “flash-bang” explosives and simulated ammunition, but no live fire.

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I am disgusted by the fact that you are using a native Hawaiian land (STOLEN BY America) to conduct your ridiculous unneccessary battles, all the while destroying native endangered vegetation and wildlife.
This stuff makes me physically ill.
War on Terror? Have a look at yourselves…you are the terrorists. Takes one to know one!

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